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sour hound grow

The nubs look like something out of high times tight internodes hi calyx ratio very Crystal lading from the outside fan leafs to the inside main stem.

Soil/hydro: Soil. Organic Kindsoil
Did it autoflower: Y day 18 ish

This is the only strain out of seven that made it through my round of death where 48 seeds did not germinate and only two did they wear the sour hounds she did not show a single deficiency or problem the entire time she was growing and even though she was done Her leaves never really started to fade I harvested her when she was about 25% Amber. Even being only 16 inches tall she was at least that wide and still managed to produce 70 g of top shelf meds I cannot say how I am how impressed I am
THE SMELL: *****
While growing she smelled of rotted fruit Rinds a hint of hobos bad breath some sort of middle school boys gym locker funk and towards the end of very distinctive pepper
THE HIGH: *****
Potent potent potent potent. Oh did mention it was strong but again it’s completely functional I’ve managed to get several things done that I was putting off and I attribute it completely to the fact that I’m smoking the sour hound versus doing dabs of all kinds of different varieties LOL and I know sometimes I always read when someone says that it’s a functional high like it somehow less potent. I cannot stress how absolutely potent this weed is but it still allows me the clear headedness and motivation to get off the couch
Nutes: all organic water and some basic aact’s
From seed to harvest date: 68ish days
Height of plant: 16 inches tall but heavily LST’d

Dry Yield: 70 grams

SeedBank: Mephisto Strain: Sour hound Did it autoflower: Y day 18 ish Soil/hydro: Soil. Organic Kindsoil Nutes: all organic water and some basic aact's…