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sour diesel taste

Sour Diesel is a very common strain used to treat medical marijuana patients suffering from anxiety or depression. Sour-D’s mood-boosting effects are great for brightening up your day without knocking you out like other Sativa strains.

Like many strains of marijuana, Sour Diesel has been around for generations making its original whereabouts difficult to confirm. California Cannabis horticulturist, Ed Rosenthal, is known for his research on the subject and believes the strain’s lineage stems from a combination of Chemo and Mexican Sativa. While Sour Diesel’s origins are unconfirmed, you can easily confirm you have a good batch of Sour Diesel by its citrus, diesel-like smell.
Sour Diesel gives you an extremely powerful high. You can expect to experience very strong cerebral effects while still maintaining a certain sense of clarity. If you don’t smoke regularly, you may want to take just a few hits to see how you feel as this strain kicks in very fast.

Sour Diesel is a great companion to help you enjoy a day of hiking in the Rocky Mountains or an afternoon tubing down Clear Creek in Golden. Since this strain is extremely pungent, you may want to use caution when consuming before public gatherings. If you’re looking for a well-known strain that’s guaranteed to give you a strong high without bringing you down, then you may want to pick up some Sour Diesel at a nearby dispensary.
You’ll certainly taste this strain on your tongue for a few moments after smoking. Fortunately, Sour Diesel doesn’t taste quite as strong as it smells, and leaves your mouth salivating in anticipation of this strain’s effects. The citrus flavor can be a bit refreshing for your taste buds and may encourage you to have some more.
Sour Diesel’s buds are housed in green earthy leaves and sometimes include pistols with a pinkish tint. These ‘nugs’ are usually covered in translucent crystals hinting at the potency of Sour Diesel. The Cannabis plant itself is known for growing quite tall with purple vegetation when grown in the right environment.
While Sour Diesel is found all over Colorado, you may want to contact a dispensary to make sure they have the strain in stock before making a special trip. For more information on purchasing marijuana in Colorado, see our Where to Buy Marijuana in Colorado guide.
S our Diesel, often called “Sour-D,” is among the most popular Sativa strains of Cannabis in the world best known for its potent effects and pungent aroma. The strain is a great pick-me-up if you’re looking for a mood-boosting high with a heightened mental state.

Saturday March 14, 2015

A review of Sour Diesel, a popular Sativa strain of marijuana available in Colorado.

Sour diesel taste


Sour Diesel is the ultimate pick-me-up with more highs than lows. On the negative side, worst case scenario is you catch a slight case of cottonmouth from eagerly packing a bit too much into your bowl and smoking it all straight up.
This sativa strain is all about the buzz; one drag will have you dancing to your favorite tunes as you rip through your daily to-do list. Just a couple of hits will send you into a humming headspace that’s clear and focused, firing off your creative neurons like a jet rocket.

Sour Diesel is a smoking hot strain, commanding some of the highest prices in the cannabis connoisseur’s market. This is partly to do with the extended flowering time required when grown indoors. After 8-10 weeks of flowering, the buds mature into one of the most potent marijuana breeds available, dripping in golden, glistening trichomes. This elongated flowering times also means bigger yields- half a pound or more per plant for indoor growers and up to five pounds when grown outdoors. This plant thrives on the coast of California and Spain, and the ideal time to reap your reefer rewards through harvesting is October in the Northern Hemisphere.
Whether you are an experienced grower or a first-time pot planter, my guide on growing your own organic marijuana will provide everything you need to know to cultivate your own homegrown cannabis. From seed germination right up to your first toke of your very own homegrown strain, every step of the way to being an organic marijuana farmer is a deeply satisfying experience. I can attest to that.
The hallmark of Sour Diesel is its pungent petrol-like smell that clings to the buds and lingers in the air after you’ve lit one up. Where the “sour” part comes into play is open to interpretation and will depend on your own unique sense of smell. The stronger the aroma when opening up a bag of Sour Diesel, the better. If you enjoy hanging around gas stations, catching the mild high that comes with filling up your tank, then you’re in for a real treat. And if your olfactories aren’t such fans of the fresh scent of diesel – no stress – Sour Diesel has a taste much sweeter than its smell, and the mood-elevating buzz you’ll get will be well worth it.

90% sativa, 10% indica; Sour Diesel is one of the most popular sativa strains out there. You’ll know straight up you’re in for a thrilling buzz by the appearance of the leaves and buds. Sour Diesel is endowed with chunkier, rounder calyxes, it has light green coloring with darker sugar leaves and its pistils, shooting out like flames, range in color from a light peach right through to a toasty hot orange. This little beauty is proof that Mother Nature can be one hot mamma.

Take one whiff of a Sour Diesel spliff and you’ll know straight away how it got its name. Sour Diesel is one of the best sellers in the US for a reason.