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sog strain

This heavy yielder has a longer bloom phase (59–66 days) but has a potent high that really takes a bite out of your brain and your body. Sagarmatha won’t reveal the genetic lineage of this strain, but it works well in SOG and doesn’t give you the typical heavy indica/Afghanica high.

In contrast, SOG cultivation favors plants that grow straight up without side branching, grow fast, flower early, and produce a vertical cluster of dense buds for the entire height of the plant.
For your SOG you might also consider chewing on Bubble Gum, a heritage cannabis strain with a candy-like taste and a 53–63 day bloom phase. This hybrid naturally tends to grow one main stalk with few side branches, making it perfect for SOG gardens.

Blueberry from Dutch Passion is a long-time SOG favorite and a heritage marijuana strain. It boasts a smattering of sativa genetics and therefore a nine-week bloom phase, which in SOG means it will be ready in 10 weeks if you give your cuttings a week or less in grow phase. I find the Blueberry high and taste to be delightful, and I’m not usually a fan of indica/Afghanica-dominant strains.
SOG growers prefer the F1, or first generation hybrid Warlock from Serious Seeds. A High Times Cannabis Cup winner from way back, Warlock combines Afghanica and skunk genetics to give you hardy, high-yielding plants that need 55–61 days in bloom. Unlike other Afghanica and skunk strains, this one gives you a head high, not just a body stone.
Sea of green is easier and faster than regular marijuana growing, and can sometimes produce more yield from the same square footage than would be produced using full-sized plants, with less vertical space needed.
As with many indica/Afghanica strains and especially in SOG plantations where plants are very closely spaced, Critical Mass buds are so dense that they’re susceptible to gray mold. To combat this, keep your humidity and vapor pressure deficit in line with grow-room relative humidity on the low end (from 55–65 percent, depending on VPD).
White Widow is another famed heritage strain that works well in SOG gardens. Known for its frosty, resinous buds, White Widow does have sativa genetics, but every time I’ve grown it or seen it grown, it’s been a fast finisher. And with only one topping (grown in a regular garden) the White Widow plants grew no more than three-feet tall and produced huge, crystallized buds.
In a SOG garden with cuttings sourced from the right phenotype of White Widow mother plants and properly rooted and placed in the grow grid, each plant is a spike of frosty buds from top to bottom.

Sea of green is a garden grown from rooted clones taken from the same mother plant(s). These clones are given minimal time in grow phase, sometimes only 3–5 days, at most a couple of weeks. The goal is to give them enough time to develop adequate root systems before they’re swiftly put into bloom phase.

SOG marijuana gardens require specialty marijuana genetics, so here are the best strains for this method of growing.