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sog setup

Sog setup

Anyone living in a small apartment, or working with a Micro Grow Setup, will understand the benefits offered by only needing a small vertical space. Experienced growers can even use shelves to stack several growing levels on top of each other.

Superfluous leaves and spindly side branches should be removed during the flowering phase. A welcome side effect of this is that it improves the circulation of air.
We are talking about the Sea of Green method, which combines two major benefits: maximum yields and minimum time invested. Sound too good to be true? Not at all! With a few simple tips, any keen gardener can successfully grow cannabis.

It is important to use a suitable variety of cannabis and the best idea is to use clones from a single parent plant. This will ensure that the plants all grow in the same way. Growing identical plants for a short period is the main key to success with a Sea of Green.
A common mistake is to assume that the pots need to be placed as close together as possible. This creates a seamless plant surface area, which initially sounds like a great idea. But what this actually means is that the plants are competing directly with each other, with the result that they try to outgrow each other. This “jungle effect” causes stress for the plants, which in turn leads to less biomass or less bud formation.
This approach to cultivation uses a lot of small plants, instead of a few large plants. The growth phase is deliberately kept short, so that the space is completely filled and the light efficiency can be maximised.
Opinions differ as to how long the vegetation phase should last. There are growers who trigger the flowering phase after just a few days, but it is better to wait 10 to 14 days before doing so. The plants are still very young at this point.
Once the plants begin to grow visibly and the first leaves have appeared, then the seedling phase is over.

The ideal pot size is around 15 cm, holding 4 to 6 litres. This means the plants will be fully mature at a height of 30 to 50 cm.

The Sea of Green (SOG) method: No other cultivation method leads to such a rapid cannabis harvest. It takes many, small plants, little space, proper care and following the useful tips in this article! Learn which cannabis varieties to use best and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

By starting the flowering stage much earlier than usual, this technique is perfect for growers using smaller spaces, and even bigger growers with multiple growing tables. If the goal is yielding big harvests fast, SOG is the best technique to invest in.

• Maximum yields in minimum time
• Very well suited for commercial growers

• Multiple layers growing above each other
This method works best with four or more plants: If have too few plants, this method will not work. The goal is to create a collective canopy formed by plants to take advantage of the light.
Too many plants in grow space: To see more branch growth and less bud production, there is little light that will hit the branches below the canopy, which means plants will make the most out of light, spending less time making branches and more time producing buds. Make sure to have room for growth of plants to maximise the light coverage.
• Not much vertical space required
The seeds are germinated usually, but grown using 18-24 hours of light per day which reduces rest time and forces the plant to grow faster. The light time is then reduced to precisely 12 hours to force flowering. The lower branches are trimmed off directing the energy into the bloom, and the plants are then ready to harvest.

• Particularly well-suited for Cannabis varieties

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