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snow white cannabis

Snow white cannabis

Although it has great wake-and-bake qualities, the mental boost is better suited as a post-work treat. After all, the initial invigorating buzz mellows down into a creeping Indica buzz. In all likelihood, users are eased into a lazy state of contentedness as a heavy-limbed sensation envelops the body in a relaxing embrace.

The way it relaxes the body to the bone and brightens up the mood can be attributed to Northern Lights, a beacon of positivity that gives users a break from the daily stressors of life. Meanwhile, White Widow adds an interesting dimension to one’s thought process.
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by Bonza · Published January 29, 2019 · Updated January 29, 2020
As soon as the buds are exposed, its musky aroma immerses the senses in what smells like a garden bed after a drizzle. It is refreshing, just like pine, as it greets the senses with its pungent scent. Drawn in, it bursts in the palate with a subtle spicy sweetness accentuated by mixed herbs, fresh cones, and wet soil.
The Indica-leaning herb is actually a part of a group of cannabis nicknamed ‘The Whites.’ Each member has over-the-top resin production that make its yields look like an albino pack and a remarkable potency. Snow White, for example, produces an overwhelmingly powerful THC of up to 24%. Though intimidating, it is actually a sweet bud with significant therapeutic value.
Snow White into a rather striking flower with a dusting of trichomes that are as white as snow. Thick coats of resin drip from its calyxes, signaling its potency. Even from afar, it announces its presence with its soft glimmering sparkles and strong fragrance.
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To avoid being overwhelmed by the strain’s potency, it is important to start with a low dosage and build it up only when necessary. Otherwise, users will experience symptoms of greening out which are characterized by dizziness, anxiety, and paranoia. Most of the time, however, the side effects are limited to the typical dryness in the eyes and the mouth.

Snow White, whose trichomes are as white as snow, is an Indica-dominant hybrid that aptly takes users on a fairy-tale like euphoria.