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snoop lion strain

Snoop lion strain

Its taste is as grounding as its odor. Deepened by hints of berries to add a bit of natural sweetness. Of course, it would not be complete without a little kick at the end with notes of spiciness that leave the tongue tingling after each puff.

The euphoric sensation soon trickles down to the body in a warm, soothing descent. In its journey, chronic pains like backaches, migraines, arthritis and other inflammations are blunted by the herb’s analgesic properties. Its soothing effects on the muscles also prevent it from contracting involuntarily thus causing painful spasms. When upping the dosage, it comes to a full stop at dreamland where insomniacs are welcome to stay without effort.
Due to its delayed effects, beginners may be tricked into indulging more than one’s individual tolerance allows. Over-consumption can bring out distressing reactions such as mild dizziness, anxiety, and paranoia. Although, it is more common for users to experience dryness in the mouth and eyes. Thankfully, simply keeping hydrated can combat the dry spell.

Not one to hold back, Snoop Dogg OG stands out in the cannabis community for its chart-topping high. It induces a mood-boosting buzz that plunges users to a mosh pit of positive vibrations. In fact, with one whiff, it will have anyone ready to recline back in comfort as the night continues.
Meanwhile, outdoor growing will require a Mediterranean climate. However, it will adapt well to the cooler weather of the northern hemisphere as well. By the last week of October, the plant will produce a yield of 450 grams of buds per plant.
The onset hooks people with an upbeat buzz that only gets better as a noticeable mental acuity and heightened feeling of euphoria take the edge off users. It leaves users feeling happier from within as one smiles from ear to ear. Moreover, this herbal muse can be a great tool to take the mind out of a rut.
Perhaps a late-afternoon brainstorm session would be the better set-up for this strain. After all, one cannot deny the subtle mental prowess it inspires during the initial head high. However, it is soon followed by an encompassing numbness that easily vaporizes any muscular tension. Aptly so as it is an Indica-dominant strain.
The same psychoactive compound also stimulates the appetite. For this reason, it is best to prepare snacks ahead of time.

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Snoop Dogg OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid that boasts of an immense potential for recreational and medical use.