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smoking moon rocks

Smoking moon rocks

* Fresh and whole flower buds

However, we understand that not everybody wants to blast off straight away to the moon on their first experience and that’s fine. In cases where you wish to have the potency somewhere in the not too strong/not too weak zone, you can replace kief with isolated CBD powder or even use high CBD strains and concentrates. This balances out the often extreme THC effects in the oil and flower.
In order to have the best possible experience, especially if it’s your first one, you should create a comfortable environment rife with positive vibes. Comfort in particular is an important factor to consider because you will most likely be almost completely out during the course of the high.

When was the last time you had a cannabis experience that made you feel as if the top half of your face was almost completely numb? If you already haven’t had that kind of experience while consuming cannabis, then you should definitely give Moon Rocks a go, because they will pretty much take you to the ‘moon’ and back.
One of the first and foremost reasons you would not want consume Moon Rocks in a joint, spliff or blunt is that they have trouble staying lit due to all the kief and hash oil. However, this is not a problem with glass.
The best way we can describe Moon Rocks is to put them next to cannabis buds with a very high level of THC (the main psychoactive component responsible for potency), as in, an extraordinarily high level. They were originally concocted as a way for cannabis connoisseurs to take their experience to the next level, a level much closer to the moon, quite literally.
In fact, don’t be surprised at all after consuming just a gram of Moon Rocks in the evening, and feeling the next morning as if you missed the ride from the moon back to Earth. We’re going to mention a little disclaimer here: Moon Rocks aren’t for everybody, particularly if you happen to be a new cannabis user. If this is your first ever experience smoking cannabis, starting outright with Moon Rocks may not be the best idea. The 50-60% THC level may prove to be too much for your unaccustomed system.
Take your hash oil soaked buds and cover them generously with kief until they resemble powdered doughnut holes. The coating needs to be thick enough so as to conceal the bud completely.

* An abundant supply of kief

At some point, you may have been asked at a social gathering if you’ve ever smoked Moon Rocks. Or, you might have even asked yourself the same question, wondering about their origins, what the experience is like and how they can be smoked. When was the last time you had a cannabis experience tha …

Smoking moon rocks

Moon rocks — nugs that have been covered in a sticky concentrate then rolled in kief — exist somewhat outside the current zeitgeist of weed culture. In a world where mindfulness and wellness trump the heady highs and bloodshot eyes of the pre-legalization era, moonrocks triumph as a relic of yesteryear, reminding you it can still be fun to be too high to do anything but belly laugh and lay around.

Do not touch the moon rock. It will stick to you and burn you. Trust me, it sucks.
From here, you may want to orbit the living room, alternating between contact with the fridge, the television and the couch for the foreseeable future. After a successful descent back into the atmosphere, repeat, if you dare.

Again, never touch the sticky little devil during this process, you will regret it.
Put Moonrock chunk on top of the normal bowl of flower.

Imma quit smoking moonrocks cause I woke up this morning thinking my name was Ryan for whatever reason

Inhale as you apply low heat to the bowl until the entire thing is cherried.
If cannabis consumption were a three-course meal, a microdose would be an appetizer, a fire pre-roll would be an entree, and moon rocks would be a McDonald’s hot fudge sundae you pick up on the way home from the restaurant: not necessarily the most gourmet product, but it gets the job done, and well.

Microdosing is great , but when life finds you lost in the depths of a Mercurial retrograde, you need a macrodose of the interstellar variety. Enter moon rocks, the uber-potent, uber-affordable way to get out-of-this-world high, harkening back to the days before full-ish legality, long before dosage caps, child proof packing, and astronomical taxes changed the game.

How to Smoke Moon Rocks Microdosing is great , but when life finds you lost in the depths of a Mercurial retrograde, you need a macrodose of the interstellar variety. Enter moon rocks,