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smoking lavender with weed

Smoking lavender with weed

Skullcap serves as a superb replacement for tobacco when looking for a mellow and relaxing high. The herb is used traditionally to ease anxiety, reduce nervous tension, and stress. This makes the herb an excellent addition to indica strains. There are numerous species of skullcap with varying effects, so make sure to look for the right one for you.

This famous and therapeutic herb is easy to access and is found residing in many gardens across the world. The stunning scents derived from this species are in part due to the presence of the terpene linalool, also found in many different strains of cannabis. This terpene can add some truly delicious tastes to spliffs.
Some users report that kanna boosts their confidence in social situations, so it may help to enhance conversations and decrease social anxiety. For this reason, it may also help to offset any anxiety associated with cannabis consumption. Although, kanna is said to enhance some of the effects of cannabis too.

Smoking lavender is reported to possibly assist with nervousness and insomnia, and can make for a smoother smoking experience.
Damiana is an interesting herb with a rich history. It was originally utilised by the Aztecs as a remedy for impotence, and is reported to exhibit aphrodisiac effects and boost sexual drive and desire. Damiana is also used traditionally to treat headaches, depression, bedwetting, and constipation.
Catnip, or Nepeta cataria, stars in many online videos of cats ingesting the herb and shortly after exhibiting some strong psychoactive effects. The herb also generates some interesting effects in humans, only slightly less intensely. The addition of catnip in a spliff can contribute a sedating effect, leading to feelings of relaxation and stress relief.
Greengo is a much healthier alternative to tobacco that helps spliffs burn at a steady pace. The mixture is a combination of papaya, mint, hazel leaf, and eucalyptus. Greengo contains no nicotine and is in no way addictive. It also produces much less tar than tobacco.
Kanna, or Sceletium tortuosum, is an herb that is recognised for its abilities to boost mood and ease stress, tension, and anxiety. Doses on the lower end of the spectrum are reported to induce stimulation, whilst higher doses are associated with more sedating effects. This dose-dependant action makes kanna quite a flexible addition to a weed smoking session, with users able to adjust the effects depending on the occasion and all around mood of the setting.

Once again, be sure to research this plant before adding it to your spliffs, to make sure it is safe for you to consume as an individual. For example, the herb may temporarily increase blood pressure.

Tobacco is often used to help spliffs burn slower, and offers stimulating effects. These 10 herbs offer much healthier and interesting options.