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smok tfv8 setup

Smok tfv8 setup

Plug the micro-USB end of your charging cable into the charging slot on your battery and plug the other end into a USB charging port.

You might want to give your tank a clean before you put a new coil in. Simply run all parts under warm water then thoroughly dry each piece before putting your tank back together and fitting a new coil.
Try not to lose any of the seals on your tank when doing this as that might cause it to leak. If you do lose any of them, don’t worry as you’ll have some spares in your kit.

To do this, unscrew the tank from the battery. Hold the glass part of the tank and with your other hand, unscrew the bottom of the tank. The coil should unscrew along with the base. If it doesn’t, screw the base back on and press down firmly while you unscrew it again. This should catch the screws on the coil back onto the base. However, if the coil still remains in the tank, put the base to one side then put your finger on the end of the coil and push the tank glass towards the coil. The glass will detach from the tank and you’ll be able to unscrew the coil by hand or using pliers.
Remember to never leave a charging battery unattended and do not charge your batteries over night. You can view more e cig battery safety information here.
The TFV8 Baby tank has a unique hinged lid to make filling with e liquid clean and easy.
To vape, simply press and hold the power button whilst inhaling. The LED will light up white whilst in use.
There is a charging indicator just below the micro USB port on the battery. This will light up red when charging and go out once the battery is fully charged.

If you start to notice a slightly burnt taste when vaping with your SMOK Stick kit, it’s time to change the coil. You can buy M2 coils for the SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast here.

SMOK Stick V8 Baby Kit instructions. This kit is great for beginners looking to get into sub ohm vaping as well as more experienced vapers.

Smok tfv8 setup

Posted by David on July 27, 2018

The legendary TFV8 Baby Beast Sub-Ohm Tank boasts a juice capacity of 3ml. This tank utilizes the top-filling lock system for which SMOK is known and it won’t leak. The tank has become a coveted piece of vaping hardware thanks to its profound ability to make any e-liquid taste incredibly clean and rich. Plus, it’s perfect vapers who chase huge clouds thanks to its ability to maximize vapor production like nothing else that’s on the market today.
Powered by a single 18650 battery, this device is extremely small and slim. However, that single battery can provide you with high output levels so that you can enjoy big clouds and a long battery life just like before.

The SMOK Priv V8 Kit with TFV8 Baby is an incredibly advanced setup that’s amazingly portable and lightweight. If you’re tired of carrying around a huge, bulky box mod device, it’s time to switch to this impressive kit. You’ll be blown away by the amount of power that this device provides considering its compact size.
The SMOK Priv V8 Kit with TFV8 Baby is the brand’s gift to vapers who are enticed by the trend of portable devices but don’t want to lose all that power. You’ll be able to slip this device into your pocket and take it anywhere.
Those who are looking to purchase their very first vaping setup should consider this setup. Its interface is uncomplicated and user-friendly. It doesn’t require an advanced knowledge of vaping technology. Plus, it’s extremely easy to carry around thanks to its lightweight construction and slim design.
Like all the starter kits from the brand, Priv V8 itself boasts an exceptional visual design. Besides its sleek appearance and ergonomic curvature, this device comes in an enormous array of stunning colors.
To create a simpler vaping setup, SMOK substituted a large display screen for a single LED light indicator that keeps you on top of your battery life while informing you of any potential functionality errors. An over-sized firing button is positioned in a way that maximizes comfort while you enjoy those long vaping sessions.

This is truly one of the most exciting portable kits that’s out there right now. Being incredibly user-friendly and delivering impressive vaping power are also a plus.

If you want to simplify the vaping experience without giving up those huge hits and big clouds, the SMOK Priv V8 Kit with TFV8 Baby is absolutely worth your money.