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small buds week 7

Small buds week 7

Quick Tip: Want to take better bud pics? Try taking a picture of the bud in the dark with your camera flash on. Learn more tips for taking great bud pictures!

Some strains like Blue Mystic and Northern Light are known for having relatively low smells, but many strains can start getting pungent quickly!
Did you know you can figure out if a plant is male or female while it’s still in the vegetative stage?

Be especially aware of leaf symptoms, for example: discolored/yellow leaves, or if your plant starts rapidly losing leaves. It’s completely normal to lose a few leaves at this stage, especially leaves that aren’t getting light (which often look like they may have a nutrient deficiency and then fall off, but it’s just your plant cannibalizing the leaf since it isn’t getting any more light). That being said, overall your entire plant should still be lush and green in week 3-4 while your budlets are forming.
Many growers choose to give their plants a 2-week flush before harvest to help make sure the plant has used up any additional nutrients that may affect the taste or smell of the buds.
Since you don’t get many more new leaves, you need to think of your remaining leaves as armor – insurance against any nutrient or leaf problems.
If you’re having trouble fitting your plant in your space within a safe distance from your light, your training options can start looking very grim.
If buds start getting too heavy and fall over, special tools known as plant yo-yos (pictured to the right) can be hung from the ceiling and will hook around your buds to gently hold them up without damaging them.

During the phase of life known as the vegetative stage (the first stage of life for marijuana), a cannabis plant grows about how you’d expect… like a weed! In the vegetative stage a cannabis plant only grows new stems and leaves, and can grow several inches a day with the added ability to recover from just about anything!

You can maximize marijuana yields by focusing on the right factors each week of the flowering stage. If you know what your cannabis should look like week-by-week, you'll also be able to quickly tell if something is going wrong!

Small buds week 7

Medium: Mills DNA soil with cork

Nutrients:foxfarm trio but I don’t think they liked it with the medium so they been feed 2-3 with nutrients the water is de-ironised water
One of the girls is an inch or so shorter and a bit more bushy that the other as when I was repotting I’d left 2cm of main root in the bottom of the pot,she is the healthiest looking one tho,but they are drawing near to harvest I flipped the lights 6weeks ago up until a couple of weeks ago they’d been flying along then they stopped smelling and putting weight on.the taller plant has red-ish brown on some and tips like rust,I have also been trimming bits n bobs(not really knowing what I’m doing tho)but i did successfully top them both,know they don’t live in the best conditions and I have stressed them out a bit by being like a kid in a sweet shop And a bull in a china shop.
So my question to you is,do you think they will put more weight on and fatten up and join up to make big colas or am I fooked and going to end up with a bag of popcorn?

Hi all
This is my 1st ever grow and I’ve just been winging it up until this far and I it a bit of a snag.
Set up:
70x70x160cm tent
300w marshydro led
12″ desk fan
6″ clip on fan (extraction)
Many thanks, and peace
The girls:2x The Widow.7-8week flowering
Temp is about 21’c
Humility can be around 50%-65% in the day and at night it can rocket up to 80%
(The tent is in our room so can’t have the fan on at night

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Hi all This is my 1st ever grow and I've just been winging it up until this far and I it a bit of a snag. Set up: 70x70x160cm tent 300w marshydro led 12"…