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skunk flowering

Skunk flowering
German master grower, Ellis D, conducted an indoor test grow with Skunk #1 Automatic, striving to find out how close it would come to the original Skunk #1 in terms of quality. He germinated two seeds for that purpose, and they shot out of the ground like rockets after about two and a half days.
One week later, they put the pedal to the metal, shifting their flower production into high gear. Whilst producing astoundingly vast amounts of flower clusters, the plants kept on stretching significantly. When stem elongation had come to an end after about three weeks into flowering, one of the plants had revealed a more open and expansive branching pattern than the other.
Skunk #1® is a predominantly indica queen that not only produces abundant harvests quickly, but also does it in style. Thanks to the strain’s incredible stability, you will obtain amazingly resilient plants with bold, robust indica traits from your Skunk #1® seeds – with a height boost that will delight you!
One of the early Dutch skunk pioneers was Sensi Seeds founder, Ben Dronkers. His Sensi Seed Club (also known as the Sensi Connoisseurs Club), which became the Sensi Seed Bank and is now simply Sensi Seeds, made a major contribution to spreading skunk genetics all over the country.
Within an hour and a half, the effects began to fade away, leaving only a very gentle sense of relaxation, as though he had been in a long sauna session. Ellis D. shares his experience:
When a strain legend such as Skunk #1 is launched as an autoflowering, feminized seed version, the new expression has a lot to live up to. The Sensi Seeds breeders spared no effort in creating an automatic version worthy of the same legendary status as its award-winning mother.
When a legend such as Skunk #1 is launched in a feminized, autoflowering version, the bar is set very high. So Ellis D. couldn’t wait to conduct an indoor grow test with Skunk #1 Automatic to check how close it would come to the original Skunk #1’s quality. Learn about all the relevant strain facts and the grow test’s outcome!
About three weeks after germination, Skunk #1 Automatic automatically starts to bloom. Within 45 -50 days, it begins to produce big, resinous buds reminiscent of its famous skunk mother. The automatic version retains the typical sweet skunky fragrance.
Skunk #1®’s release revolutionised the world of cannabis. Four decades later, its extreme potency and incredible genotype are still at the top, and have inspired numerous hybrids.
In this cannabis strain story, we share all the strain information on the legendary Skunk #1. We also share a full grow report on Skunk #1 Automatic.