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shiskaberry strain

Smoke: ShiskaBerry is a nice social indica strain.Great evening strain to unwind after work.Shiskaberry helped with migraine headaches as well, great all around indica for pain relief.Seriously one of the best flowers I’ve ever encountered! Erases nausea & intense migraines for me better than any over-the-counter drug can and I really appreciated that.Well relaxes the body, but the head stay crystal clear.
Nice strain for watching movies, and for meditation too.I would recommend this strain to anyone who love indica, I really liked this strain.

I prefer sativa, but ShiskaBerry, 100% indica strain surprised me a lot, now this is one of my favorite strain.
In the first place for me it is the taste and smell of this strain, words are hard to describe, very pleasant smell of cinnamon, vanilla and fruit notes.I liked so much this smell, that I use this strain to make cakes and cookies, so delicious!
Harvest Songs: Ray Conniff – “The Windmills Of Your Mind”

And secondly, the effect of this strain)))
In 180 degrees change the world, makes people 10 times kinder, taste 10 times stronger, smells 10 times stronger, eyesight 10 times brighter.Listening to music is just magic, all the old favorite hits have the feeling that you hear it 1 time. About the medical properties of this strain I can write a whole book xD=) I just forgot what pain, stress and depression are. No side effects, drowsiness doesn’t cause.
Growing this plant is very easy, suitable for beginners.The plant has a high resistance to everything.
I got 203 grams dried buds.
ShiskaBerry is a nice, amazing high-yielding, strong 20% THC stain.:kissing_heart:
Thanks to everyone who follows my grow reports, and Barney’s Farm for nice genetics.:kissing_heart:
I got the pleasure to grow this wonderful plant.
ShiskaBerry have a compact like a stone buds.
The smell very strong, u need a filter.
The smell very amazing))) smells like a old school Afgan, smells like a earthy, pine, and berries.

Update:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:: I want to update a review about this amazing strain.

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