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shipping to ohio

If you are looking to send unaccompanied personal effects to the US state, at Transglobal Express we are able to provide additional documentation which can be completed prior to sending your shipment to ensure it travels through the carrier’s networks as smoothly as possible, meaning your shipment is delivered in the fatest possible time:

We offer parcel delivery to Ohio through a number of highly respected and world renown carriers, including DHL, UPS, TNT and USPS. Due to the sheer volume of shipments that we place with these carriers on an annual basis has meant we are able to secure discounts of up to 70%. That means you can enjoy high quality service at just a fraction of the price.
The past 20 years has seen Transglobal Express become experienced in offering affordable and efficient parcel delivery to Ohio, USA. Being one of the USA’s most populous state, we understand there is a high demand for parcel delivery to this corner of the world.

Get yourself a free, no-obligation quote today! Simply enter the weight and dimensions of your shipment into our online quote form above to view and compare the amazing prices we have to offer.
We ensure our fantastic prices are also accompanied by outstanding customer care. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service advisers are just a phone call away to help with your orders and enquires. We also offer a Live Chat system which is available during office hours.
Apart from being able to send parcels and packages via our services, we also offer fantastic prices for the delivery of documents. We offer a cost-effective solution for sending documents to Ohio, paired together with fast and efficient transit times. Our UPS Envelope service is especially ideal if your documents weigh no more than 1kg, and can fit comfortably into a UPS branded envelope. You can benefit from the service of a world renown courier at just a fraction of the price when you book with Transglobal.
Despite being thousands of miles from the UK, transit times for shipments travelling to Ohio can be quick and speedy. Using an express service, such as with UPS, can take as little as 2 working days, while a more economical service, such as with TNT, can take slightly longer at around 5 working days.
As with any shipment travelling outside of the EU, your goods will be subject to mandatory checks via US customs officials upon arrival into the country. It is important to be aware of customs clearance prior to sending your shipment. At Transglobal Express, we aim to provide you with the relevant information to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

To obtain more accurate transit time, you can use our Transit Time feature – simply enter your UK collection post code and the delivery zip code.

Book your parcel delivery to Ohio with Transglobal Express. We use carriers such as UPS, TNT and DHL. Save up to 70% and book with us for your parcel delivery to Ohio.