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shipping time from russia to usa

Shipping time from russia to usa

MyUS members get fast, economical and reliable shipping to almost any destination. Even in a large country like Russia, we can ship to most cities (unless they are restricted due to sanctions or our courier partners [FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc] restrict shipping due to conflict. Please note we cannot ship to anywhere in Crimea due to current US sanctions.):

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2016 UPDATE: USPS is the only courier shipping to Russia and their delivery times are:

Use our calculator to determine the cost of shipping from the US to Russia.

  • Express Mail: 7-10 business days
  • Priority Mail: 14-30 business days

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My experience of different postal services to the UK shows how efficient some postal services are and how lethargic others can be.

I’ve only bought from the Ukraine, and I’m located in the USA, but as a general rule of thumb I add 10 to 14 days for Customs. I obviously don’t have any experience with Australian Customs but I’ll bet it’s similar.

It is now September 23, 17 days after dispatch and 11 days after it left Russia. still no sign of it even reaching our post office.

I’ve ordered many watches from Russia. Usually I get them within two weeks, but my latest experience was the worst ever (though still tolerable to me). I ordered 2 watches from Meranom — one was special order, so it took about a week to ship out (Don’t limit yourself to what’s on their website — if Vostok makes it, Meranom can get it).

Thaks in advance!

Ha ha, me too, way too impatient! Although I did try to order something from Denissov’s internet shop, and after adding a watch I suddenly had 3x zero priced items in the cart, but they wanted to charge me 100 RUR for 3x nothing and giving me a 10% discount to 90 RUR. I thankfully gave up in the end.

I’ve used other countries like Germany that as others have mentioned are very good efficient. I suspect in your case it sounds like it’s at customs.Customs in most countries can hold up packages if they have a backlog to look through or if they’re being extra special in scrutinising packages.

I have not yet ordered from Russia cause honestly i am impatient and i just cannot wait long. i feel that eventually i will begin ordering though.

I don’t know about the Australian postal system but I have been able to track a package from Russia by entering the Russian tracking number into the US postal service’s website. This particular package required a signature, and was sent registered mail, so that probably has something to do with it.

last month I purchased 2 bronze buckles and straps from a strap-maker in Moscow and he sent the items through russian registered service on September