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selling seeds

Selling seeds

  • You are worried by the new EU Seed Law
  • You think gardeners should be able to choose any vegetables they wish to grow in their own gardens, rather than just from a list of ‘EU-approved’ varieties.
  • You want to be able to buy seed suitable for gardeners, not seed for big scale agriculture, which is not the same.
  • The new EU Seed Law should ONLY cover seed sold to farmers.
  • The new EU Seed Law should NOT cover seed sold in small packets for home gardeners and allotment growers.

Although we have had a system like this for many years, there have been much simpler and cheaper options for what are considered ‘amateur varieties’ for home gardeners, and the rules have never been strictly enforced in the UK.
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The consultation about agriculture is happening now. We are asking as many people as possible to respond, and say that garden plants and garden seeds should NOT be covered by EU regulation, but instead controlled by UK laws. You can find details of how to fill in the consultation here.
Another example: farmers generally don’t want to grow climbing peas, as they need supports and can’t be harvested mechanically. Lots of home gardeners prefer tall pea varieties, as they are more productive in a small space. There are hundreds of examples like this – the needs of gardeners and farmers are very different.
Earlier in 2013, as the first draft of the law was being made, hundreds of thousands of people emailed and wrote to their MEPs and the EU, pushing for changes to this new law. The initial draft of the law was so badly drafted that it even outlawed seed swaps between individuals with no money taking place! The EU did concede some last minute changes which looked workable. BUT, they are now watering down nearly all of these concessions, or making them so restrictive as to be useless, as the law progresses through the system.
PLEASE DO WRITE! It has a huge effect if you write, and don’t be shy about it,
they don’t expect a masterpiece and are quite used to getting random informal letters from normal people.
You can find their contact details and a suggested draft letter here

The deadline for amendments is December the 4th, 2013, so if you can, write soon!

WHAT IS THIS NEW LAW? The European Commision is currently drawing up a new law to regulate the sale of all seeds, plants and plant material. The latest draft of the law is even more restrictive than the regulations that we have at the moment. Every single variety of vegetable will have to be registered on…