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seedsupreme seedbank

Seedsupreme seedbank

Crop King Seeds has been in the marijuana seed bank business for over 15 years selling their own marijuana seeds to customers around the world. 40 varieties of feminized, regular and autoflower feminized cannabis seeds make up the Crop King Seeds strain catalogue, which are the only seeds they sell. Payment is done by Visa, Mastercard or Bitcoin. The 2,600+ Crop King Seeds reviews on Trustpilot make a 4.5-star “Excellent” rating. The marijuana seeds are shipped discreet and delivered fast, within 2-7 business days to the U.S. Free shipping on all orders over $200.

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SeedSupreme Seedbank has over 2,500 seed strains to choose from with stealth shipping to the United States and around the world. Free cannabis seeds are sent with all orders. The SeedSupreme cannabis seed bank website uses KushMoney loyalty points that once redeemed can deduct up to 75% of your next order’s total. The 400+ SeedSupreme reviews on Trustpilot give a 4-star “Great” rating. SeedSupreme accepts accept VISA, Mastercard, Bitcoin & cash payments and ships seeds into the U.S. in a week or so. Your seeds will be disguised in merchandise. Free shipping on all orders over $245.
You can verify a secure connection by looking at the site’s SSL certificate aka the green lock in your browser’s address bar. A SSL secure checkout encrypts your payment data, protecting you from online cyber-theft while you make a purchase.
?use a SSL-secured checkout
?late or no delivery of seeds
?will not reply to inquiries

☺ Cannabis seeds are also categorized by their unique special traits such as high THC strains, high CBD strains, high yield strains, landrace genetic strains, inbred line strains, award winning strains and more.
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Seedsupreme seedbank

Super Silver Haze Feminized

Another customer wanted to be absolutely sure that he was getting the exact seeds he ordered, and not just a cheap clone. Probably, he had read some reviews that mentioned that as an issue! Or possibly he’s always cautious about that sort of thing.
One reviewer wrote that they were very disappointed in the quality of the seeds that they ordered from SeedSupreme. Of the 4 seeds that the reviewer ordered, two were duds that didn’t sprout at all, and two were actually male plants! Keep in mind that these were supposed to be auto fem seeds, so there should be no chance of them coming up male.

The fact that SeedSupreme is so clearly trying to improve their offering and customer service over time proves that they are really legit. No scam company would put in the effort to improve their business so much after several years. They’d probably just start a new seed bank under a new name and start scamming people all over again- maybe even some of the same people that got sucked into their scam the first time around. SeedSupreme isn’t doing that because they’re a legit seed bank.
Orange Bud Feminized
This review will cover every aspect of the SeedSupreme buying process- from the seed bank’s history and reputation to its shipping methods, sales, and seed quality. By the end of this review, you’ll be an expert in all that SeedSupreme has to offer.
Super Lemon Diesel Feminized
Like many seed banks and resellers out there, SeedSupreme has a vast selection of seeds that are sourced from many different seed breeders. Some of the most popular breeders that they source their seeds from include: Nirvana Seeds, Sensi Seeds, DNA Genetics, Barney’s Farm, Royal Queen Seeds, TGA Subcool, Greenhouse Seeds, Cali Genetics, Mephisto Genetics, and many more.

To make sure that the seeds in his order were the proper strain from the proper seed breeder, he requested that the seeds be sent in their original, sealed packaging that they arrive in direct from the breeder. That’s not what happened. The seeds arrived in a plain ziplock bag, so their precise origin is a matter of trust, though it’s hard to trust a seed bank that can’t comply with a simple request like that.

Why are there so many negative reviews of SeedSupreme? Get the facts with this unbiased 2020 review. Read Before You Buy!