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seedsman review

The seeds are mostly okay. Have had 3 out of 26 ther died. The LSD25 there is “easy to grow” , somebody obviously didnt tell that to the seeds because I have never ever seen a more fucked up plant in my 20 years of experience with weed. Leaf is extremely deformed and the plants are so small and look like a steam engine has run over it , but dammit its smells like heave. So i maby only have 5-10 joints i those to plants but i am sure i will be high in a week after each joint. Have also 2 THC Bomb out of 5 there wont grow. Thats funny after the other 3 from same package are all big and smells okay. And thay all grov i exactly the same material i have mixed. But i recommend seaweed and crushed granite , the more seaweed the bigger the plant growing in the pots

Came in the delivery window that they originally gave. Everything looks right.
Ive never had an issue with germination using this seedbank. I had an order go missing in the past, but with the “guaranteed shipping” method replacements came quick. This time I ordered on Black Friday, and the seeds came in 10 days. So far, everything has been viable. Seedsman has been around a long time, and there is a reason for that. They offer a great service to those in need of superior genetics. Look no further.

Very good and professional
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Very quick delivery and seeds in breeders pack
We offer you a balanced combination of sativa and indica strains that are suitable for most conditions.
Havent failed me on over six deliveries.

Shop of the Seedsman Ltd., but they also sell seeds who are made by many other breeders.

Seedsman Ltd. Seedbank Review Seedsman work in partnership with professional Cannabis Seeds breeders, who have been instrumental in developing Genetics and supplying cannabis seeds for the