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seedsherenow review

no digital trail.

recall green merchant in the 90’s . the crux will be fed taking down black market. billions depend on it. and how many states and city’s are broke as a joke. borders, ect . it more about reading the very big picture then doing a rewind on how it will unfold. and this is how i thinkit will unfold as the large green houses, wall street, political interest take it over for budget shortfall funding. ill talking 700 billion per year in tax revenue. and they need it.
i would run sales on paper written at time of payment into mail.. put order info , address on paper. just keep static update page with running tally. and run it outside usa. send them from inside states, but all communication done on paper. take way longer but .

they are threatening people w/ calling police, atf, who really knows.
but the fact THE SEED BANK is involving leo speaks volumes and points toward the fact all data collected for strong arming .
they wanna crack down on the black market as they take over canna industry because the tax revenue would grow exponential /9th
they could listen over a hung up phone in his moms kitchen. that came out in court.
the black market is already at risk, this is just another side of that.

many more charges and problems when dealing with cross state sales. looks like this baby is going down. i wonder if they will have a massive going out of business scam release from all the top breeders first ? Are Narcs And Scammers SpiderK DemonTrich SpiderK they are ” collecting ” your info at third part entity. they are threatening people w/

Yes, first place I ever ordered from – good experience, nothing to note or complain about.

Edit: I’m an idiot, of course you’re in the US, in the bostontrees sub. If you can wait till November, they will probably be at the Harvest Cup again. That’s where I stocked up, and I think they were a bit cheaper than their website.
You can grow indoor or outdoor as long as it is locked up (cause ya know it’s dangerous stuff).

Greatlakesgenetics is my other go to US based seedbank.
Anyone ever use this seed bank? Just trying to see if anyone has ever ordered from there and how the overall experience was. Thank you
excellent seed distributor. i trust them over mostly anyone
Ordered from them twice, both times had a great experience. Will likely order again.
Woah I’ve never even looked into getting seeds. How does that work if you grow your own? Does it have to be like inside under lock and key?

I like them. You pay a tiny premium over some other places, but their selection of strains and breeders is incredible. Also, if you are in the US, they are based in Oregon, so your package doesn’t go thru customs, and packages less than 16 oz. get 0 extra scrutiny from the postal service.

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