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seedling morty

Seedling morty

probably shouldn’t try to grow this morty in your garden

mortydrangea: now with extra cannibalism

We didn’t deserve Armomaly Morty, but we got him anyway.

Oh! I didn’t know that XP could be shared like that! Excellent advice! Thanks for sharing!

morty of the valley and their rick had differing ideas on things like ‘morals’ and ‘lunch’

I have to give the plant monster a bit of love. careful of them spines, they give ya booboos.

ANOTHER ICON I DREW FOR MYSELF… I love that lil guy!

he is the most beautiful of all butterflies

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I’m PigJerry! Make sure to show me your grossest Mortys!

I've been studying Mortys ever since I caught my first one. I know everything about them, there's simply no way I'll lose.