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seedling cartoon

Seedling cartoon

In summary – by the time Chapter 2 comes around, Seedling will be published:

As a result of editing down pages into episodes, I’m offered a second look at each page, and decided that there’s a couple of dialogue exchanges that still didn’t quite flow as I wanted them to, or conveyed exactly what they were meant to convey. So I’ve gone back and changed a bit again – specifically, some dialogue on page 52, 55, 63 and 64.
Not a long post, just a quick update to wish you all a happy new year, and my continued thanks for sticking with Seedling for this long!

I’m a fresh-out-of-school teacher, graduated this summer. They say the first year of being a teacher is the hardest – after 4 months, I’m inclined to think they were right. It’s been a wild experience on several levels, and I’m learning an incredible amount of things in an extremely condensed amount of time. In the last few months, the new experiences and the sheer drain of it all – including the mental drain of doing everything for the first time as well as long travel distances – left precious little time for comic making, and the time I did get has been more incidental than anything.
By the time the Webtoon version catches up with the website version, Chapter 2 will roll out both here and on Webtoons – on top of this, I will publish the entirety of Chapter 1 on my profile at Deviantart as well. I’ll also be using Deviantart as an archive for all the concept and behind-the-scenes work I do on the comic (as well as art-stuff I do not related to Seedling), releasing these as they become relevant (though nothing containing spoilers).
I really don’t want to make it a habit to go back and change things once they’re published, so I’m leaving a note to myself here that this is the last I’m touching up on Chapter 1. From this point on it’s done. Finito. It’s what it is.
Back in November, when I outlined my plan going forward, my original schedule was to roll out Chapter 2 when all of Chapter 1 was uploaded to Webtoons. Well, Chapter 1 is on Webtoons now, but with no Chapter 2 on this site as of yet.
I’m not complaining, and I’m not disheartened – I’m still learning as I go, and that includes working on this comic. The purpose of this post isn’t to make excuses, but to restate this fact, and to tell any potentially worried readers out there not to be worried. The comic is coming. And I constantly work towards creating a schedule for myself that I can maintain. It might take a few, or a lot, of tries. But I’m determined to do it.

It took three full days. Eugh.

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