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seed storage containers

Seed storage containers

Keep in mind these seed storage tips to ensure they remain viable. After you factor in things like temperature and humidity, you can get creative in choosing a storage method. Here are some of the most creative seed storage methods that I have found.

Of course, you don’t have to get creative to efficiently store seeds. A simple mason jar can do the job quite well. Storing seed packets in a jar allows you to seal it easily and even include silica packets if you’d like. It’s easy to find a place for jars, and larger jars can hold quite a few envelopes of seeds. Again, you can group them by any category you’d like.
If you have a massive garden, to organize your seed storage a filing cabinet approach may be best. Those plastic three-drawer shelves or a repurposed nightstand can serve this purpose for larger quantities, or a recipe box might work for fewer. With a filing box, you have room for labels and information for each category of seeds.

Plastic baggies can also make an effective seed storage method, stored right in drawers or baskets. Your gardening notebook can be kept in the basket along with anything else you need to know or have for an organized planning and planting season.
An old 8-track case, which holds envelopes perfectly, makes for a creative seed storage system. Keeping on the defunct-music recording theme, a cassette tape storage case would work just as well.
A pillbox, or medicine organizer, is a good choice when you have a small amount of a wide variety of seeds to store. Use separate pillboxes for different areas of your garden—one for your cutting garden, one for veggies—for easy planting later on. Don’t forget to clearly label each box with its contents.
Sometimes you just need to take a second look at the things around you to see a new purpose for them. Look for items that have sleeves or compartments to slip in envelopes or small spaces for handfuls of seeds, as well as spots for labeling.
Looking for a sturdier solution? Use foam board—yes, the popular medium used in many school science fair presentations—to create a custom seed storage box. This project has a more “finished” look to it and would stack well when stored in your garage or attic.

This tutorial takes an empty cracker box and empty pudding-mix boxes to make a handy compartmentalized storage container. Not into DIY? You can pick up similar organizers online or at your local big-box retailer.

Learn simple and creative ways to properly prepare, organize, and store your seeds for later use.