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Each Mandala strain is an exclusive and authentic creation based on our lifelong collection of landrace (heirloom) seeds and “old school” genetics (old and rare cannabis cultivars).

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All breeding projects and seed production are managed in an ecologically responsible way and are 100% organic.

We are specialized in small-scale seed production for fast turnover, guaranteed freshness, and with the highest standard of quality. All seeds undergo strict selection, are pre-tested for 100% germination, and supplied to resellers/customers in perfect condition.
Mandala’s ‘deluxe’ seeds are of exceptional quality. Various work intensive techniques contribute to the making of our seeds. These seeds are from outstanding plants in the breeding line from which only the top shoots are cloned. The cuttings from these shoots are then grown to large, robust plants for maximum vigour in seed development. In addition, the mother plants have been pollinated sparsely in order to channel their energy into producing extra strong seeds. The benefits from this special production method are very visible. Plants grown from our deluxe seeds develop and root faster, they are overall larger and healthier, provide exceptionally robust mother plants, and our seeds have a longer shelf life. We not only believe in pursuing the highest breeding goals, but also seek to provide the cannabis community with the best possible seed quality.
Essential reading before you germinate your Mandala seeds! Please read our advice carefully.
Seeds are best stored long-term in a cool and dry place. A refrigerator at 5-8°C/41-46.5°F is ideal. Do not freeze the seeds as they may be damaged when they thaw. Place your seeds in a zip bag and small tupperware box to ensure that they remain dry. You can also put some rice or a bag of desiccant into the tupperware box to absorb any accidental moisture. Mandala seeds can remain viable for 3+ years with little or no loss in germination. This is a biological product and we cannot predict or guarantee the length of viability.
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Mandala Seeds Catalogue: Satori, Hashberry, Beyond the Brain, Mango Zamal, Orisha, Orisha XL, Kalichakra, Sadhu, White Satin, Krystalica, Safari Mix, Speed Queen, Mandala #1, 8 Miles High