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seed club

Seed club

Follow the instructions that come with your package to plant the seeds upon arrival – or – collect the seeds to start building your own seed bank.

Nope, but that’s the beauty of it all. You’ll get to try growing new and exciting varieties all year round. We’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you receive each month.
When you join Urban Organic Gardener you will automatically be assigned a dedicated Garden Guru. Each month he/she will ship you a customized collection of totally raw un-treated GMO-FREE Heirloom seeds and garden supplies.

Yes, you can cancel at any time.
Yes, our seeds are 100% Heirloom/Non-Hybridized varieties. These are the only seeds that you can safely save after each harvest and preserve for many generations to follow.
Seeds are specially selected based on your zip code and the answers you provide to the questions being asked. All your answers will help us figure out which seeds will grow best for you.
Wait for your curated seed club package to arrive around the 2nd week of every month.
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Seed club

Our tribute to a very special Secret Super Sativa: Prima Holandica. We crossed it with Old School Haze, our best sativa. Expect big plants with sativa buds as long as your arm. This is quite a producer; you can find a complete spectrum of sweet, fruity aromas. But we also found some phenotypes with a peculiar metallic/diesel taste. Some beautiful and interesting specimens can be found in these seeds. This smoke will bring you to an elevated state, with a strong trippy effect that will last for quite some time.

Luckily, Karel held on to the most important genetics for more than 80 years, patiently waiting to return to the cannabis-breeding community once the political and legal climate became more tolerable. During that time, SSSC varieties were used to create many Cannabis Cup winners and legendary varieties by the many seed banks that stepped up to fill the void left by the departure of the SSSC from the scene.
Back then, “Sam the Skunkman,” a legendary breeder from America, had recently moved to Amsterdam from California and gifted Karel with his Original Haze and Skunk #1 seeds. Those varieties, as well as some seeds received from Nevil Schoenmakers of the Seed Bank, became the building blocks of the SSSC catalog of strains.

Karel’s Haze finishes flowering in just 8-9 weeks/ Courtesy of SSSC
One of our easier strains to grow, you can expect mature flowers in eight to nine weeks. This is a really special hybrid, made from our Old School Haze and Chem Dog OG Fire, a variety that produces medium-to-large plants. Natural vigor produces fat, frosty OG buds, so keep your eye out for those. And look for the fruity or gassy phenotypes. You can expect good-yielding, frosty plants with a beautiful terpene profile, which are great for making extractions.
Tips From the Master Breeder
This is our trichome machine. With large and plentiful trichomes, this will produce top-quality hash. Turn off the lights for the last two days before harvest in order to maximize the terpene profile.
OSH x Chem Dog OG Fire
8-9 weeks
Hybrid sativa 70%/indica 30%
Medium/large plants
This original “Creeper Sativa” variety is a fast grower. The Creeper genetics produce huge amounts of branches and buds. It will need support for sure; it’s a big plant! The buds are not the biggest in size, but they have a nice dense structure and appearance. The smell leans toward the gassy/chemical side of the spectrum. This variety needs around 10 weeks of flowering. When the blooms are mature, they will be covered in resin. This is a high-yielding strain perfect for making extracts. The hash that is made from this plant is top quality as the buds are simply excellent.

Old School Haze x Secret Super Sativa
10-11 Weeks
Pure sativa
Medium/big plants

One of the original cannabis seed-breeding companies, famous for its haze varieties, is back on the scene with rare old-school and new-school flavors.