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sea of seeds

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Sea Of Seeds has a good reputation Ive ordered from this company many times with no problems, also Ive seen these guys regulary at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam and Spannabis in Barcelona always have a great booth and straight up talking people. As for card payments the previous poster knows nothing about the industry and the issues UK seed banks face. (ask around)
100% germination so far [touch wood]

i ordered twice in different names just to get the seeds i wanted, as i was having a problem with paying with my credit card so i used my friends credit card as well both orders then got accepted so now i had paid twice . suddenly they no longer have the seeds i wanted so i asked for a refund on both orders they said we will refund one order as the other order had been sent . all this took 4 weeks of no reply off them . 6 weeks on after 25 messages to sea of seeds still nothing no refunds no seeds ,,so i emailed them again to ask them to send me some mixed seeds instead, but no answer off them again, i also tried to phone them but no answer, SEA OF SEEDS IS NOT A COMPANY THEY JUST TAKE YOUR MONEY IN THERE SPANISH ACCOUNT ONCE IN THEIR ACCOUNT THEY DONT WANT TO KNOW . THIEVES, ***DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY*** I WILL NEVER BUY OFF SEA OF SEEDS AGAIN. AS FOR MY MONEY I HAVE WRITTEN IT OFF AS A LEARNING CURVE
Only inferior because they stopped taking credit/Debit cards due to people that cannot stand to see a good thing strive and steal. By this I mean sea of seeds was having issues with fraud so people scamming them have taken the best seed bank ccard payment options away. I have ordered from them 7 times gotten 100s of seeds and all but 2 have germinated. Every freebies has. Freshest seeds ( Sannies is about the same but also had to stop accepting ccards). I have ever used. Today only specials is the way to go I got TGA Subcools Jilly Bean,, The Vortex, Ripped bubba., Cheesewreck and Pandoras Box on todays specials 5-10 packs for over half the cost of the normal price. Also some high end overpriced seeds for super cheap. LA cheese from Big Buddha runs around $50-$60 for 5 fem. I got a 5 pack for $33 thats one example of how great the prices on todays only can be. Nice freebies and super fast delivery. I have chose breeders packs and the stealth wasnt great but if u choose stealth they have the best stealth shipping u will find. I may send cash and try it out just bcuz I miss my 2 fav places to buy seeds(sannies is the other) and will post again when I receive my order months away now Im sure. Oh and customer service is good enough they return emails and I have only had 1 problem when I chose stealth instead of breeders packs I got 4 ripped bubba seeds instead of five but all 4 germinated and 3 females 1 male sonic never complained. I even got 2 keeper mom to choose from thats almost unheard of. Sea of seeds give em a try u wont regret it.
Their website is down.
I spent 2 hours on there site refining my order and running a price comparison with 3 other seed banks after completing my order and filling out and providing them all the information I get to the payment page and they only offer pay by post and bank transfer. They advertise that they except credit cards bank cards and debit cards. If the company does not take electronic payments thats because they are not credible and a bank does not trust them enough to provide them with an account and a processing hardware. If they dont have the personal credit rating required for a credit card processing account I am not giving them my money. Buyers Beware No electronic payment processing = there not worthy to process your cash money order or bank transfer. If your told there system is acting up and they can take your number over the phone. Never provide you credit card number over the phone to a person.
Only inferior this time becuz I chose breeders packs no stealth and taking longer but I tracked it and USPS says on its way as of yesterday so sea of seeds did their part. Ive grown out their freebies and straight fire just slow to get going on all from the breeders they use. Secondary roots 3 weeks b4 they were strong enough to transplant into aeroponic system. Thick stems though like clonesn almost. I have been ordering from all seedbanks with good reviews and after years have narrowed it down to 5 companies worth your money. Sea of seeds is #3 over many why this place is in the grey an not green? Blows my mind. I have only tried autos so far but legit Genetics, fastest shipping if you pay for stealth and quality customer service. Also huge selection an easy to use website. Best thing is their today only deals for 24 hrs 30 strains are cheap(20-50% off). I like TGA Subcool and DNA Genetics gear to name a few well their very exspensive got TGA strains for half cost anywhere else ($47 US Dollors for a pack of 5 that cost between $65 and $120 anywhere else.) Green light people Im on order #7 in 3 months if I was gonna get took it woulda happened already. Not 1 single problem I only rate Herbies and Sannies better. Herbies is 2nd. Sannies is cheap and the best but a breeders so a limited selection of topnotch Genetics and the very best customer service. They check on you about orders and forgot my freebies once next order read my wish list and damnable near filled it. Anyways green light sea of seeds maybe orange light Attitude their all about getting rich not you the customer.

HUGE pain in the ass. I have used 4 other seeds banks and this was by far my worst experience. STAY AWAY.

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