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russian for snow

Russian for snow

The word for ice in Russian is lyod – лёд. Though there are some special kinds of ice the Russian language identifies.

You’ve learned about some types of snow that lay on the ground. Now let’s see what words for falling snow or blizzard we can find in Russian. (тут надо ключевую фразу в том или ином виде упомянуть)
Another question is, should we count words that are known on one territory and not used on another? For example, people in Yakutia (North-East of Russia) have a unique naming for thick layers of ice on the bottom of rivers (tarin – тарын). People in the West of Russia have hardly heard of it.

I’m always curious about words from different languages that represent new terms or don’t have a direct equivalent in other languages. Russian words for snow are a curiously great example of it.
The most general word for a snowflake in Russian is snezhinka – снежинка and there are no close synonyms or variations for this word.
I didn’t manage to find any serious scientific research on the subject, so the number I outlined earlier is based on the article of one enthusiast who gathered all the words for snow and gave them definition. Further, you’ll see some of the names for snow that are commonly used throughout the whole territory of Russia but could be absent in other languages.
The most general word for a blizzard in Russian is Metel’ – Метель, but some other words specify this type of weather condition.
The Russian word for frost is moroz – мороз. Generally, moroz is the weather when the temperature falls below zero. However, it’s true only for those who live in the South. To me, moroz starts somewhere below -20C (-13F). A warmer temperature (-15C, 5F) is called morozets or a small, insignificant frost. People who live in Norilsk and experience frosts up to -40C (-40F) would consider my freezing normal or even warm winter weather.

  • Holod sobachij – Холод собачий (dog’s cold) – extremely cold weather that gets frozen to the marrow.
  • Dubak – Дубак – is used to talk about icy cold weather, or when it’s cold inside.
  • Holodriga – Холодрыга – the same as dubak.

Snow has always been an essential part of the lives of the people that inhabit the Northern part of Russia. This inevitably reflected on the…