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royal seed archeage

There’s a lot of complaining about things getting harder in this thread. Ok, it’s a game. It’s supposed to have challenge. We already have it way easier than Trion servers, so a patch with a little challenge may be in order.

You can still use alt characters do do crafting so your argument is invalid.
That being said, some of its importance in the vocation system may need some balancing to make it not required to do. I’ve never liked dailies that I felt obligated to do in order to do anything else.

50/50 drop rate, either coinpurse or material crate. That would go a long way to fixing the rarity of many coinpurse materials in the market, as well.
For those special crates, 50/47/3% chance (purse, crate, special crate). Easy, done.
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Additional Notes: The price of Charcoal is set to plummet, then in 3.5, it will skyrocket. This would mean that during 3.0, the value of a SINGLE Karkasse or Rockhala pack is more like 320g if you hold the charcoal to sell in 3.5. NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD ALLOW PACKS WORTH 320g. This will 100% destroy the economy of the server. I did the same thing on live and made filthy stupid gold that would make everyone sick. Also, these runs have a disgusting gold value and short run time. Gold and Charcoal from these packs floods the market and destroys the economy. 3.5 compounds these issues because of too little too late attempts to “fix” the economy. Problem is, when you “fix” an economy and announce the fix, people just buy up the controlling resource and resell it later. In 3.0, the controlling resource is Charcoal. There are also things to consider about wisps(don’t worry everyone I won’t give away the secret) but I believe that issue(change?/bug? depends who you ask) is much smaller even though it is still heavily related and will also effect charcoal prices. But even without 3.5, 3.0 is still set for inflation and players not in the loop and those with no gold to invest will feel it much harder than the rest of us.
I do like the new trade system, esp cargo with the option of riding the ferries. I do not like the absurd drop rates on Royal Seeds. I do not like the changes to coinpurses. I like the ability to choose the proc when crafting gear. I do like having additional information about the regrading odds. The anchoring charms seemed like a waste to me, not worth the absurd expense. They don’t increase the odds of success, only prevent blowing up, and are single use. I did not like that the only anchoring charms I ever saw were only for lower level gear, like Arcane. It’s post-celestial gear that may be worth the expense.
Summary: Many of the changes in 3.0 were intended to take gold out of the market. In short, the gold sink it created was too big. At the same time 3.0 changes made very specific land way too valuable and the owners of that land are rewarded by more than a 2:1 ratio (this is assuming you have Gweonid land which is EXTREMELY scarce). However, at least Gweonid is competitive providing 35 charcoal compared to 31 from Hasla. Karkasse and Rockhala with a car gives an unrealistic advantage with around 80 charcoal EACH PACK. Again, that is more than a 2:1 Ratio (Karkasse:Gweonid = 80:35 = 2.28:1) Even factoring time in, car owners can generate just short of 4000g per hour if they save it till the 3.5 recovery. This is beyond stupid. This is completely careless. I took advantage of this on live and it also killed the game. Don’t make this happen here please!

wisps were still a thing in 3.0 that change isnt until 3.5 when they remove wisps and reforging and make nation required mats archeum instead

Well some ppl were planing to run this packs from the begining of server. Normalize this packs price to gwenoid price would solve this i think ;p So, make…