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royal dwarf autoflowering

Royal dwarf autoflowering

Breeders brought Skunk into the world during the late 1970s using Afghani, Acapulco Gold, and Colombian Gold genetics. She went on to take the cannabis world by storm, gaining notoriety through a series of cannabis cup victories. Since then, breeders have used Skunk genetics as the foundation for many successful hybrids. Royal Dwarf belongs to this respectable family!

Royal Dwarf produces a THC content of approximately 13%. She’s not as potent as her powerhouse predecessor, but her effects are still thoroughly enjoyable. Her sativa-dominant high provides a clear-headed and lucid effect and she will raise your spirits, elevate your mood, and increase your appetite for success. Suddenly sitting and smoking on the couch isn’t very appealing anymore. You’ll experience an urge to get up and get things done! Her moderate strength means these buds can be blazed throughout the day, without compromising your cognitive faculties.
Royal Dwarf’s compact flowers pack a serious sensory punch. Her earthy terpene profile produces striking sweet and citrusy flavours and scents. These flavours infuse every bong hit and joint toke. Use her buds to make edibles that light up the taste buds and bring her high to another level.

Royal Dwarf produces an impressive yield, considering her small size. Plants grown indoors produce about 150–200g/m² and peak at the height of 70cm. Consider using low-stress training to keep her at a smaller height of 40cm if stealth is a priority. If you’re growing her outdoors, expect a return of 30–80g per plant. She’ll grow to a height of 50–90cm.
Royal Dwarf—much like her legendary ancestor—also offers medicinal effects. Her pleasant high helps to alleviate stress, anxiety, and low mood. She’s superb at kindling the appetite and taking the edge off chronic pain.
Small. Fast. Discreet. These words sum up Royal Dwarf to a tee. Whether you’re a beginner grower or you are simply looking for a speedy growing cycle, Royal Dwarf hits the mark. She’s also perfect for growers dealing with little space, and those wanting to keep things discreet.
RQS breeders set about combining high-performing Skunk specimens with our best cannabis ruderalis genetics. After selective breeding and a stabilisation process, they successfully created Royal Dwarf. She emerged as a sativa-dominant strain, consisting of 60% sativa, 10% indica, and 30% ruderalis genetics.
Royal Dwarf provides all of the desirable traits of Skunk in a compact, autoflowering package. We wanted to provide growers with a quick and easy-to-grow version of the legendary cultivar. Skunk sits in the pantheon of world-renowned genetics. The international cannabis community adore her powerful sativa high and therapeutic effects.

Royal Dwarf has a brief growing cycle of 8–9 weeks, with a flowering time of 6–7 weeks. You won’t have to wait long until you taste these buds!

Royal Dwarf is the queen of speed. This efficient member of the royal family will provide you with a satisfying yield in a matter of weeks.