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royal cheese strain

Title : Favorite
Comment : Favorite Strain of all. The smell is addictive. The smoke is good. The growth is strong and fast and reliable. Very nice. I am looking forward to see how your blue cheese compares. Thanks to the Royal Cheese I have decided to put my main focus on cheese strains, compare all of them and find the best. I will let you know. But so far.. also compared to all other Strains I grow and smoke, Royal Cheese Baby

Assegura’t de conèixer les lleis del teu país.
Title : Royal Cheese
Comment : Erstklassige Qualität, nur zu empfehlen. Handhabung, Geruch, Geschmak und dann die sensationelle Wirkung. Leute growt den scheiß

Title : goût exeptionnel !
Comment : allez y les yeux fermé cette variété est absolument parfaite , vous allez adorer !
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Title : Bien
Comment : 5/5 graines germées Hâte de voir la suite.!
Title : very very fast
Comment : it tastes sooo good !
Title : Stu shipley
Comment : Top buy.

Title : Top
Comment : Toute les graines ont germé merci RQS

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This plant should be harvested just eight weeks after flowering for maximum taste. If it goes to 10 weeks, it will have less taste but pack a more powerful smoke. The Fast Version will cause this plant to have reduced flowering time.
Indoors, it will grow to about one and a half meters tall. It can produce an average of 60 grams per plant. This averages out to around 450 to 500 grams per meter squared. This plant is constantly thirsty but will make up for that with impressive, heavy buds and a strong plant.

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Around the world, medical marijuana is become more widely recognized as a treatment for serious ailments. Because of this, and because of its wide public support, laws are changing. Large scale operations are creating the demand for quality seeds in large amounts. This is why we now offer many of our most popular strains, including the Royal Cheese Fast Flowering, in bulk quantities.
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In hot climates, such as California, Spain or Italy, it can grow very large outdoors. It will tower over all else and provide more than 250 grams per plant. However, the biggest drawback is the smell. Indoors, that can be combated with a carbon-based filtration system. Out of doors, the smell will be obvious to all who walk past.

The Royal Cheese Fast Flowering is a strain of cannabis that was developed in Great Britain. It comes from the original Skunk strain. A dedicated team of cannabis breeders created a strain so stinky they could think of no name that fit better than Cheese. It quickly spread around the world. Our version of this strain has been feminized to improve on its popularity.