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room too hot

‘An ideal bedroom temperature should be around 16 to 18°C, so it can be difficult to get comfortable in a hot and stuffy space, which leaves many people suffering from a disturbed night’s sleep.’
Even if you can’t relocate your bedroom permanently, it might be worth sleeping on a sofa or air bed.
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Keep curtains or blinds drawn during the day to keep the sun out. Blackout blinds were made for this sort of weather and shutters will also come into their own, blocking the light while letting in the air.
Clever design and smart materials encourage airflow around the body. Not only comfortable, it’s cool, too.
If you’re not in the market for buying a new mattress, this topper is made from a gel-infused memory foam that absorbs and disperses body heat while providing excellent support and comfort. It also has ventilation holes through the foam to allow airflow and breathability.
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‘A baking bedroom can impact on our comfort,’ agrees Simon Williams of the National Bed Federation (NBF). ‘Your body temperature needs to drop slightly before you go to bed, which is why you just can’t sleep when you’re too hot.
Open as many windows and doors as possible to allow air to circulate. Even cracking windows at the front and the back of a house creates a slight through draft that will pull warm air out and allow the rooms to cool.
Sweltering summer nights ruining your sleep? Check out these simple tricks and miracle products to cool you off when it's too hot to sleep
Room too hot
But you’ll need to keep the blinds closed. Some people roll them up to keep the sunlight pointing up and out of your home. While other people close them downward because it creates a darker atmosphere. This is really a personal choice of which you think works better.
Which led me to think, how did people once live without air conditioning? But also, how would my family keep our home cool?
When the air-conditioning is on the fritz you should keep the sun from coming through your windows. If you use blinds, they can help you with this tremendously.
So this is a tradeoff I’m willing to handle, but by a number of people calling into the radio station, keeping our homes cool when the air-conditioning is on the fritz (or there is none at all) is a challenge we all seem to face at one time or another.
If you are able to sleep in a bed that is above the ground, then you can have air flow all the way around you.
Until we were home shopping, I had never seen a whole house fan. They are mainly in older homes, but after seeing one in use, I really want one in our home.
Well, it can! In fact, you can use it to stuff your pillow when you are trying to stay cooler. The buckwheat will not absorb heat like other items used to stuff pillows.
So if you have a cot or a hammock that you can sleep comfortably in or on, then this might be a good option while your air conditioning is out.
If you don’t have a way to sleep suspended to create air flow, then try subbing out your mattress for a bamboo mat.
33 ideas how to cool down a room will help you lower your cooling bill this summer. If you can keep your home naturally cool an A/C won’t be needed as much.