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Stephania Root (Stephania tetrandra, S. cepharantha)
indications: anti-spirochetals, Bell’s Palsy, neuroborreliosis, memory and cognitive dysfunction, eye involvement (Ocularborreliosis), Lyme arthritis, Lyme carditis (with angina and arrhythmia), immune modulation, headaches
CAUTION: New research has shown stephania unsafe for use in pregnancy

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Bidens pilosa
indications: systemic infections
Note: People allergic to members of the aster family, such as ragweed, may also be allergic to bidens.

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)
indications: take 1,000 mg at night just before bed for insomnia, brain fog
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*Recommended as a wildcrafted bulk source for Polygonum in Healing Lyme.
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*Recommended by Stephen Buhner.
indications: increases NK cell activity, reduces cytokine cascade

Alchornea cordifolia
indications: Babesia co-infections

Herb Sources for Lyme treatment protocol outlined in book Healing Lyme by Stephen Buhner – core protocol: resveratrol , cat's claw, leuthero, astragalus.