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rarest weed strains

Rarest weed strains
What makes it special: Relaxation is the name of the game with this plant, as its indica lineage suggests its part of the Kush family of strains. The few lucky enough to have tried it describe a profound release of bodily tension; inducing such a sense of calm that it could help treat insomnia.
Approx. cost:
Consumers will have to apply this strain’s relaxed attitude to acquiring it—its scarcity means it’s not accessible for online purchase.
What makes it special: Grinspoon is a heady strain; offering an uplifted, cerebral clarity and an unusual “spicy” flavour when smoked or vapourized.
Approx. cost: Unlike many strains, Grinspoon is only available for purchase in the form of seeds, meaning you’ll have to grow your own if you want to try it in Canada at $19.42 per seed.
Named in honour of cannabis researcher Harvard MD Lester Grinspoon, author of 1993’s prescient Marijuana: The Forbidden Medicine, Dr. Grinspoon is pure sativa and an excellent choice for any activity requiring extended concentration–barring driving, of course. Ryan Lee, founder of Chimera Genetic Resource Management, says that Dr. Grinspoon is often sold in Dutch coffee shops under the name “Grinspoon”, but is often referred to as “Quaze” or “Quaze Haze” for reasons unknown.
What makes it special: Its flavourful profile makes it the ideal choice for consumers who value taste as much as the effect, and the lack of consequent burnout is particularly enticing.
Approx. cost: Like most good things, you’ll have to wait to see this one; while its availability is too limited for mainstream purchase at the moment, Lee says he expects to see it in a select few dispensaries following legalization.
A man observes a sample of cannabis sample during the first Cannabis Cup in Mexico. ULISES RUIZ/AFP/Getty Images
What makes it special: Like Panama Red, Lasqueti gives an intense boost of energy that can provide symptomatic relief against fatigue.
Approx. cost: The extreme rarity of this strain makes it essentially unavailable online, so consumers will just have to be lucky to stumble upon it.
Named for its condensed, deep black-purple buds, McKernan cites Black Beauty as a contender for one of the most interesting strains–its fascinating appearance is matched by its exotic cannabinoid profile. Though THC values are relatively standard, it holds an almost unheard-of 4 percent THC-V (tetrahydrocannabivarin). Despite being psychoactive, THC-V is often the answer to “couch lock”, the tendency to be immobilized by particularly potent bud. It also curbs the voracious “munchies” appetite characteristic of the “stoner” stereotype.
If you grew up in the 60s, you might’ve come across Panama Red. Bright red in hue, this pure sativa plant was in keeping with the counterculture of its era; its heady properties are mostly psychedelic in nature. “Pure” strains like this one are going extinct due to increasing demand for hybrid strains.
If relaxation is your top priority, then Hindu Kush is the solution—a powerful, pure Indica. Indigenous to the Hindu Kush mountain region, you might’ve heard “Kush” used to describe various breeds of cannabis. The buds are typically thick and dense, much like their resulting full-body effects.
Here’s what experts had to say about the most sought-after, seldom-found strains
Wakey wakey! You’re in Africa now after your long nap, and you’re in for a treat. This pure Sativa is in high demand because of its large, dense buds, but peak and you’ll miss it.
From government crackdowns to overcrowding and excessive patronage, many beloved strains have virtually disappeared. These are only a few of the rarest strains on earth, with a potential dozen or so others.
Angola Roja disappeared around the time Portuguese left Angola
Somebody had the crazy idea of blending two distinct groups to make one killer-bud. Probably displeased that the weed tolerance breaks were of no effect, they went to work on this beautiful wonder.
This here, is another strong Sativa, with a THC count of between 20%-22%. Don’t waste your weed tolerance break on this one, because the high is so quick and strong; it would be hard to build resistance any time soon.
It only grows in one place on earth, so when you get a bagful of this, be sure to maximize your weed tolerance break, so you never get too used to this.

  • Roadkill Skunk

Unfortunately, no one seems to know where it disappeared to. Rumors spread of it lurking around California, but that may be a dead end.
It is said, that the Hindu Kush is the preferred cannabis of choice for the world’s leading monks. It is believed to deliver genuine outer-body experiences.
If you've been around enough, you are probably aware that some weed strains are so rare they have fallen into the category of myth and folklore.