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rainbow sherbet strain

Rainbow sherbet strain
As the name suggests, Rainbow Sherbert’s smell is sweet and sugary, with fruity notes that might remind you of sherbert.
What does Rainbow Sherbert taste like?
What does Rainbow Sherbert mean?
THC levels of this strain range from the low teens to mid-20’s.
What are the THC levels of Rainbow Sherbert?
What does Rainbow Sherbert look like?
They’ve enjoyed Rainbows Sherbert’s potential ability to ease symptoms of chronic pain, muscle tension, anxiety and nausea.
The taste of Rainbow Sherbert is similar to its scent, being sugary and fruity though with a bit of mint on the exhale.
This strain’s name was derived from its delicious taste reminiscent of berry sherbert.
The aromatic buds of Rainbow Sherbert are a cannabis connoisseur’s dream. This tasty terpene profile comes from crossing the two strains Champagne Kush and Blackberry, resulting in the well-balanced hybrid that’ll leave your mouth watering. This strain is renowned for its sugary-sweet…