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Rainbow Kush seeds are fairly easy to grow and since they are feminized seeds, they are ready for harvesting in 8-9 weeks. Additionally, the plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors, and it’s best to do it in a Sea of Green (SOG) method to stimulate the flowering early on.

The CBD content, on the other hand, is too low for treating seizures and other conditions that respond to CBD.
I bought rainbow kush seeds from you. I planted the seeds about 3 months ago, and out of 5 seeds, I have 5 healthy plants. Highly recommend the shop

Jacob Victor – March 26, 2019 :
F. L. – June 19, 2018 :
Rainbow Kush is one of the most popular Kush strains out there, mainly due to its multiple colors. It was first bred by Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds who get new strain seeds by crossing Master Kush and Hindu Kush to produce the Rainbow Kush seeds.
it is one of the best strains that I’ve made grow. easy to grow. already ordered new seeds and hope the delivery will be fast as always
The best part of growing these marijuana seeds is the high yield. With yields of up to 3 ounces per square footage, it’s a favorite among growers. Furthermore, the plant is full of bright colors that resemble the rainbow, hence the name.

All my Rainbow Kush seeds germinated but grew a bit slower than my other seeds from the site. Is the problem with the weather maybe

Rainbow Kush feminized seeds for sale. This strain is a cross between Hindu Kush and Master Kush. FREE seeds. Shipping to USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

The THC levels of the rainbow kush help alleviate nausea, stimulate appetite, and relieve aches, muscle spasms, and pain, although its CBD content isn’t potent enough to treat seizure disorders.

The colorful rainbow weed was crossed by Lifetime Seeds using the Blueberry and the Dancehall as parents, but that is only one of the many varieties of the strain. Several top developers have claimed to breed the original rainbow weed including the Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds company, which used the Master Kush and the Hindu Kush as parents for their rainbow bud.
With its wide array of colors, the rainbow weed also offers a variety of fragrant aromas. It is best known for its strong and piney fragrance with hints of spicy notes and fruity sweetness. The smell of this cannabis strain is also distinct that you can detect a bit of skunk once its packaging is opened.

The Rainbow weed, or what is also called the rainbow kush, is one of the most popular cannabis strains in the market, primarily because of its vibrant and colorful appearance. Although it might look too good to be true in the picture, this colorful strain exists in real life and is widely available in a lot of major international suppliers and local dispensaries in areas where cannabis use has been legalized.
With unlimited photos of the rainbow kush strain on the internet, the strain has gained increasing popularity. However, it has also started debates about the strain’s legitimacy. Although this cannabis strain does exist, it has a more muted vibrancy in real life compared to the photoshopped pictures propagated online.
Aside from its rainbow-colored buds, which is the most distinct feature of the rainbow weed, it also features a glimmering crystal coating. Although it is not as vibrant in real life, it’s still a stunningly colorful and beautiful plant, with distinct shades of deep reds, pretty pinks, vibrant oranges, and brilliant yellows. At the end of the flowering stage for the rainbow kush plant, the more colorful it becomes.
Although it looks a bit delicate with all its vibrant rainbow hues, growers often choose this strain because it’s easy and quick to grow.
The rainbow kush is fairly easy to grow and the plant can thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments. Using the SOG (Sea of Green) method when cultivating the strain will help stimulate early flowering for the plant.

The rainbow weed has become largely popular and in-demand in a lot of coffee shops around Amsterdam. Some pot shops in the US also have access to the cannabis strain, although it’s not widely available in all dispensaries in the US.

The rainbow weed is one of the famous cannabis strains in the market, mainly because of its rainbow-like color that is unlike any other.