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qwiso wax

Qwiso wax

Pour alcohol into the small jar till all the ground buds are submerged in it. Close the lid very tightly and shake it as hell for exactly 30 seconds (more might result in more chlorophyll extracted, making the final product taste not as good, less might result in smaller amounts of the extract).

Once filtering is over, you will be left with a jar containing a clear liquid with a green tint. You might ask, where the hell is my concentrate then? It is dissolved into that alcohol, we need to remove the alcohol now.
You may also want to prepare your larger jar to save time later: take 1 coffee filter and put it onto your jar making sort of a bag (note: I used some thread to make sure the filter doesn’t fall into the jar), or, if you are making lots of extraction, cover entire surface of your larger sieve with filters and place smaller sieve on top of it.

First of all, what is a QWISO (Quick-Wash ISOpropyl) extract? Cannabis buds consist of two main parts – plant material and, what I like to call, “effective material”, which gives all the desired effects from consuming it. In other words, plant material is more or less useless. An extract (also called concentrate, shatter, wax, oil, budder) basically contains only the desired “effective material”, and is intended for many uses, but mainly for vaporizing.
Firstly grind up all your buds into the small jar (ground buds have larger surface area, so it is easier to extract all the goods from them that way). Then put that jar and your alcohol into a freezer for a few hours or just overnight to make sure they’re as cold as possible (don’t worry, isopropyl freezes only at -89 C). Freezing is necessary, since trichromes fall off the leaves of the bud way more easily at low temperatures, making the extraction significantly more successful. Extracting without freezing results in smaller amounts of the final product.
Pour jar’s contents into the plate or any other flat-surfaced container you have chosen. Pour a little extra alcohol into the jar to again make sure you don’t leave any trichromes in it. If you have a fan, then set it to blow into the liquid at lowest setting. Important notice: make sure you leave the evaporating alcohol in a garage/basement/a ventilated area, since you will be evaporating all the alcohol you used, which is flammable and slightly toxic. The evaporation might take between 12 and 24 hours.
Then pour everything through a sieve and through a filter into a jar (you may press the ground material in the first sieve to make it sieve though a bit faster). Yes, this part will be very slow, you will need patience, filtering might take 20-60 minutes. Pour a little extra alcohol into the small jar to make sure there are no left-over trichromes remaining in it and pour that though the filters as well.
If you have finished growing, drying and curing, it is time to consume it. There are many ways to consume marijuana, one of them being vaporizing.

First of all, make sure all containers (both jars and a plate) are really clean and totally dry (you want them totally clean, since the unwanted material might get into the extract, causing you problems later trying to remove it, and you want them dry, since water evaporation takes way longer than alcohol).

If you have finished growing, drying and curing, it is time to consume it. There are many ways to consume marijuana, one of them being vaporizing.

Qwiso wax

BUT it is very dark in color (brown/green).

Well, butane is easier to evaporate from the resin than iso, because butane boils at room temp and iso does not. Both need thorough time and movement to allow a complete evaporation of the solvent.
Try this, shorter rinse time, 10-15 second. Freeze your materials, jars, buds, alcohol. Strain immediately. There is no point in removing the waxes and chlorophyll, I mean there is. but it just takes a lot of time and you need hexane. You better off just perfecting your technique so your final product isn’t brown/green.

^Don’t listen to void. he makes terrible quality qwiso, and doesn’t follow directions at all. There is no such thing as “purging” qwiso. Once the alcohol evaporates, you don’t need to “purge” it like bho.
Dissolve in EtOH, run thru the carbon, then VERY SLOWLY chill/freeze the solution (way cold using dry ice). the waxes will precipitate. this is basic freshman chemistry, but some of us (coughs) have not taken this course yet still try to give chemistry advice.
The first wash was much better, things I’ll do differently next time shorter ISO wash and a warm water bath afterward (I’d let this one evaporate at 65deg F over couple days).
Isopropyl extracts turn out MUCH better if filtered thru some charcoal and dewaxed, same with BHO. The downside is terpenoids tend to go with the wax, so you can end up with an uber potent yet tasteless amber (aka hammond) extract.
The slower you chill the extract the better the separation.
Also could I use ISO vs. EtOH vs. Acetone for both the charcoal and de-waxing?

My Q is could I combine the “de-waxing” and charcoal steps by starting with warm acetone, adding my QWISO, adding some charcoal, cooling it, then filtering it?

I made a pretty tasty QWISO hash with 99% ISO, it's pretty damn good… BUT it is very dark in color (brown/green). I've been reading about de-waxing with…