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purple strands

Purple strands

Lilac, lavender, and violet — oh my!

Visible roots are super popular right now, so rather than rushing to the salon the second you have a bit of brown at the top of your head, let it grow out for an inch or two and enjoy your trendy look.
Few beauty trends are as delicate and pretty as the pale purple hair that’s all over Instagram and the red carpet alike. Pastel hair isn’t easy to maintain, but if you follow these pro-approved daily hair tips, you can get your dyed locks as healthy as this style star’s in no time.

The colombre hair trend is the perfect style for people who want to add a funky shade to their ‘do, but don’t want an allover solid hue.
Out: brown hair with blonde highlights. In: brown hair with sparkling purple highlights! If you love the look of dark hair but want a little extra oomph, ask your stylist for thin purple streaks throughout.
If you want to be extra bold, use multiple shades of bright plum and violet to create one fierce color combination.
If you love having dark hair but are sick of brown shades, try using a deep purple hue all over your hair. It’s less drastic than a pastel color, but still offers a big change.
If you’re too afraid to bleach all your hair but still want to rock a vivid color, ask your stylist to just dye the bottom half of your hair.

Lilac, lavender, and violet — oh my! If you’ve always dreamed of trying this pretty shade, this is all the inspiration you need.

If you've always dreamed of a pretty shade of purple, this is all the inspiration you need.