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purple power marijuana

Purple power marijuana

Purple kinds used to be popular but in the early days they were sensitive to mold and disease because of their longer flowering stage so outdoor growing always got risky due to bad weather influences.
Because of those weaknesses New Purple Powerc was developed, this beautiful lady has a shorter flowering phase and is less sensitive to mold or disease.
Also through crossings with Early Skunk and Purple haze the yield has increased and flowering phase has been shortened.
New Purple Power is mostly Sativa and grows tall with long fingered leaves and the buds have a blue purple color that intensifies when it’s colder outside.
Because of the shiny resin covering the buds, the buds have a fluffy look.
Consuming New Purple Power gives you an energetic buzz that slowly lingers into feeling lightly stoned without wearing you out.

During earlier times, these seeds were difficult to cultivate, even though they were popular even in those times for their high yield. The problem with these seeds was that they were very sensitive to diseases and mold due to their long flowering stages. This made them very difficult to grow outside and there always a risk of bad weather influence. These were the reasons why new Purple Power was developed, which now has a very short flowering period and is far less sensitive to diseases and molds. By crossing their older variants with Early Skunk we have managed to increase its yielding power and further decrease its flowering phase.
New purple Power feminized seeds are worth their name, they are much more potent than other purple kinds, all together with a sweet taste New Purple Power is worth the try. This type of purple cannabis has been developed and became one of the strongest purple kinds available today.

The taste of these seeds is very similar to warm cinnamon rolls and its smell is also on the similar lines. It provides moderate THC levels and offers crisp and light cerebral effects that leave you with a feeling of clarity and chill.
This is a strong cannabis plant, which is 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. These easy-to-grow Purple Afghan seeds have been crossed many times in Holland with Sativa and Indica varieties since 1983.
These plants are fully adapted to the climate of Holland and always offer a respectable yield. Right at the beginning of the flowering season, you can see the calyxes on these plants are turning purple. By the end of flowering season, almost 90% of each of these plants turn into purple color and hence the name Purple Power. The weed gives a subtle yetrutted aroma with excellent full body high.
They Taste and Smell Likethe Cinnamon Rolls!
Pre-Dominantly Purple Plants

Improvement Overthe Conventional Purple Afghan Seeds

Buy purple Power feminized seeds here! New purple Power feminized seeds are worth their name, they are much more potent than other purple kinds

Purple power marijuana

Complementing the newfound happiness is a mental clarity that sharpens the senses. It creates free space for thoughts to flow and form into possibly groundbreaking ideas. Because of this, it is an impressive wake and bake strain that enhances motivation users to work on tasks for long periods of time.

The plant is quite resilient to the cold, as often is the case of purple strains. It flowers early from the second to the last week of September. Each plant flowers 510 to 1,020 grams of buds once ready for harvest. Of course, it will still need to be protected against frost in case of an early winter. A temporary enclosing usually suffices.
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Cannabinoids always inhibit moisture production in the body. Hence, it is normal for users to feel dryness in the eyes and the mouth. A more uncommon experience is dizziness and a temporary headache. However, one can easily avoid the discomfort by pacing consumption. On the other hand, the dry spell can be managed by down a few glasses of water throughout or after the session.
Purple Power is a great wake-and-bake strain that accompanies users on a workday. It enhances the mood while stimulating the mind. As a result, it not only brings back motivation but also reignites a keen interest that aids in task completion.
A tingling sensation eventually trickles down from the temples. It surges through the muscles, removing the tension and tightness that weigh the body down. Its subtle stimulating effects bring back one’s limberness. Like a well-oiled machine, users can perform tasks without feeling the initial tiredness.
High levels of THC contribute to a strain’s efficacy as an analgesic. Because of this, Purple Power is an impressive painkiller that delivers a soothing buzz all over the body. It soothes various types of aches and pains beginning from the temples. Its anti-inflammatory properties appease redness while reducing swelling that can sometimes trigger muscles to contract. Hence, it can also be used as an anti-spasmodic substitute that temporarily manages sudden muscular spasms which deliver a range of pain signals to the brain.
Many growers prefer cultivating the plant indoors. Controlling factors such as lighting, temperature, and humidity are done by making a few adjustments to the intensity of light or the amount of air let out by the ventilation system. Moreover, growers can expose the plant to more light. It will need to be topped early though. Its height can be a problem as it not only cramps the space but interferes with light and air distribution in the lower nodes.

Overall, Purple Power is a great strain to use in the morning as an alternative to coffee. It powers users throughout the day with its long-lasting buzz. Used at night, however, and it can keep one awake beyond bedtime.

Purple Power Strain is a great wake-and-bake strain that accompanies users on a workday. It enhances the mood while stimulating the mind. Read our full strain review for all info.