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purple mr nice guy

Purple mr nice guy

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In a fated meeting with the industry’s sophisticated baron, Granddaddy Purple is made even more powerful. Mr. Nice, a tribute to the respected activist Howard Marks, further develops its offspring’s body stone until it deprives users of the will to move from the couch. Keeping that from happening, however, is the former’s cerebral high.
Relief comes to those who seek. In Purple Mr. Nice, patients definitely find comfort against the everyday burdens that plague both the body and the mind. After all, the bud has a high level of CBD of up to 4%.

Purple Mr. Nice is quite a head-turner in the growing community for its striking appearance and penetrating aroma. Adding to its appeal is that it is most likely only available as a clone. Clippings from a mature plant are usually more challenging to cultivate but are fast-flowerers.
The best way to smoke Purple Mr. Nice is to take it in low doses. Apart from the fact that it is impressively potent, it is a slow-starter that can take users by surprise once its psychedelic high takes effect 15 minutes after the first few puffs. When it does, however, it does not take long to understand how its lineage is remarkable.
The initial onset is marked by a cerebral high that leaves the mind clear while the mood enhances. Though there is a subtle stimulation, it does not overwhelm the mind with a head-slamming energy. If anything, it is a calming euphoria that gradually slips users into a state of bliss as it persists.
Though subtle, the same psychoactive compound also stimulates the appetite. It encourages patients with eating disorders or cachexia to fill the stomach with cravings and nutritious food as well.
Although the plant prefers a dry, sunny environment, it will thrive well in the northern hemisphere where days are generally short and the season changes. Each plant has the potential to produce 450 grams of buds per plant by the middle of September.

After a while, the physical manifestation of Purple Mr. Nice’s Indica effect start. It begins as a light pressure from the back of the head that slowly trickles down to the rest of the body. It is an uplifting buzz that relaxes tightness in the muscles while immersing users in deep relaxation.

Purple Mr. Nice is an interesting Indica-dominant strain that calms users into a state of calm state of euphoria as a soothing buzz envelops the body.