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purple kush grow tips

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This well-detailed purple kush grow guide that can help anyone who wants to grow this marijuana strain. Note that each strain of marijuana has different growth requirements as well as maintenance guidelines. Below are some of the best purple kush grow tips
This plant has a purple and bright green flower and leaves. Its buds are well-packed while its flowers have a medium size. The source of the purple color is because of its parent, the Purple Afghani. In terms of smell, the plant has a woody or earthy smell which transforms into a sweet fruity flavor of grapes when it’s smoked. Its smell and taste is what makes it the perfect treat for a chilled indoor treat.

  • Sleeplessness
  • Lethargy
  • Dry mouth
  • Anxiety and paranoia

The reason why people are usually keen on how to grow Kush indoors is because this plant is vulnerable to high humidity and rains. If it gets wet, you risk attracting molds and pests. The ideal temperature range of purple Kush plant is between 65 and 75 degrees-Fahrenheit. However, research reports indicate that there are some plants which thrive up to 85 degrees. However, it’s recommended that you keep the temperatures at 80 degrees and below.
It’s been cited that purple Kush helps to aid with sleep. It’s been used with various capsules and tablets to create insomnia drugs. This substance is perfect for people who simply want to have a good night’s sleep or rest thanks to its sedative effect. The high levels of terpenes and THC help to slow the working of the mind and the body, leading to better sleep.
In regards to humidity, it should be around 50 percent when the plants are in the vegetative stage. A moderate relative humidity means that the rate of evaporation will be good. However, some people keep the humidity level higher to avoid watering the plants constantly. After the Kush plant has reached the flowering stage, lower the levels of humidity to around 40 percent.
Kush is a strain of marijuana and it might result in cardiovascular problems. Normally, it overloads the working of the cardiovascular system due to its high levels of catecholamine and stimulation. For those with heart disease or nervous problems, this can be a fatal risk. Purple Kush can increase the possibility of stroke and heart disease.
Growing Kush in soil can be done outdoors or indoors. But depending on where you choose to plant this marijuana strain, the flowering periods varies. However, growing purple Kush outdoors is very challenging as the external weather can’t be controlled. Purple Kush flowering time outdoors takes about takes a longer time compared to indoors. The indoors flowering time takes a maximum of 8 weeks and provides about 14-15 ounces of the Kush bud for every square-meter. Overall, the best way to grow purple kush is indoors.
All you need to know about growing purple kush marijuana. Learn more about what makes weed purple, purple kush flowering time, harvest time and other facts.