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purple fire weed

From: River Valley Collective
Strain Name: Purple Fire
Best Medicinal Use: Muscle and joint aches/pains…also depression/creativity
Price: $95/quarter oz
Buzz Type: First bong hit left my face feeling warm and numb. A few more brought on a bit of a euphoric cerebral buzz – full of energy.
Looks: Beautiful!! Incredible amount of red-orange hairs cast a purple-red hue color on the crystal covered buds. The bright green foliage is complimented with tight purple nodes.
Buzz Length: Long – I was well medicated for over 2 hours.
Taste: Smooth typical “purple” taste (sweet to spiced grape flavor).
Smell: Not overpowering, but a sweet fresh produce scent.
Strain Name: Purple Fire From: River Valley Collective When: Jan 2011 Grade: A+ Type: Hybrid Price: $95/quarter oz Looks: Beautiful…