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purple chemdog

Purple chemdog

From a vaporizer, a refreshing grape and citrus burst catches me off guard. I had my vaporizer set to it’s lowest heat, and still managed to bogart the grape experience in one hit before passing it to my partner. The pine forest, humus and oily notes make their way to the fore, setting the stage for an aftertaste which lingers about as long as I can fight off the munchies.

I’d like to take a moment here to address high-THC varieties, before you go out hunting for some. My goal is to spare you from any negative side effects, including – but not limited to: a compulsive need to fortify your home from zombies, rearrange furniture, and/or vacuum your blinds at 3:00 AM. Your neighbors will thank me.
Lab report: 30.4% THC, 0.39% CBD

From anxious in a crowded room to public speaking with ease: this herb has been known to give me superhuman abilities. I think of this cannabis as an all-purpose tool. Purple Chemdawg not only obliterates my stomach issues, it also enhances my experience into something truly lovely. Rather than reducing the effect to simply “daytime or nighttime,” I would stress the utility here as universal.
Produced by: Green Goddess Gardens
(Photo courtesy of Green Goddess Gardens)
While most herb seems to have a limited scope of applications, Purple Chemdawg is Swiss Army dank.
From the bong I enjoyed the flavor so much, my taste test only left enough herb for the most comically undersized joint I have ever rolled. Oops! Lung expansive smoke translates to rubber, followed quickly by deep, deep earthy tones. We’re talking “Journey to the Center of the Earth” here. I find myself spelunking into caves of flavor, this smoke has serious nuance in the low tones. Finally, the grape-gooey flavor creeps in, setting a sweetness around the edges – like mortar around bricks of earth. I know this flavor is complete as I become subdued, happy and hyper-aware of the contents of my mouth.

Final thoughts:

Purple Chemdawg (Cannabis review) While most herb seems to have a limited scope of applications, Purple Chemdawg is Swiss Army dank. (Photo courtesy of Green Goddess Gardens) Produced