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purple caper seeds

Purple caper seeds

If you’re looking for a trustable seed bank offering top grade genetics in regular form to make your own selections, you should doubtless give Purple Caper Seeds a try.

By selecting their own males, they can reproduce – and of course improve – some of the best plants out there without losing their main characteristics, which are actually fixed when backcrossing the F1 with the original mother.
Wedding Cake, Gorilla Glue BX o GG#4 BX, Sherbet BX, Zkittles, Purple Punch, Grandma’s Batch or Gelato BX are just some of their most reputed genetics!

Grandma’s Batch from US seed bank Purple Caper Seeds is a regular cannabis variety created from the crossing of two strains of high quality and recognition such as Candyland and Girl Scout Cookies (F2), resulting in a genetics of great flavor and pot [. ]
Purple Caper Seeds present Wedding Cake, a top quality cannabis strain currently enjoying massive popularity in North American dispensaries for its superior yield, potency and aroma typical of Cookies family plants. A great all-rounder available onli [. ]
Gorilla Glue BX from Purple Caper Seeds is a powerful, productive and full flavoured cannabis plant from California that will leave no one indifferent. Available online now at Alchimiaweb! This clone-only cultivar quickly became popular in US cannab [. ]
Gelato BX from Purple Caper Seeds originates from a North American cannabis line famous for its strong psychoactive and aromatic potential. This cross between the Gelato #45 x Cookies (F2) was then backcrossed (Bx) with the Gelato to faithfully repr [. ]
Purple Caper Seeds present Key Lime Pie, a direct descendant of Girl Scout Cookies and a highly sought-after phenotype of GSC that is characterised by its intense lime flavour and powerful relaxing, psychedelic effect. Now available in out regular se [. ]

Their breeding projects always start by looking for an exceptional male. Then, they cross ir with the female and then backcross it to stabilize the offspring.

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