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pure power plant strain

Pure power plant strain

Throughout the day, the strain reinvigorates the tired body. Similar to getting an energy-boost from drinking espresso, it keeps people motivated and productive.

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Pure Power Plant is not only a potent source of cerebral high, but it is also a one-of-a-kind experience for the other senses. It has a pleasing citrus and pine odor with some strong vanilla undertones. Its strength has nothing to do with the fragrance as it is just right and will not flood a room with a few puffs.

The flavor blends in the scent well. It hs a woody and vanilla flavor that is great for those taste buds while leaving a sweet note.
Some people think that it may be descendants of The Pure, Durban Poison, and an unknown Indica. However, the consensus is that it is a cross between a South African Sativa and quite possibly, a North American Indica. Nonetheless, there appear to be other varieties in the market that goes by the same name.
Setting aside its vague genetics, Pure Power Plant is a highly-acclaimed strain that is worthy of its landrace heritage. Over the years, it has accumulated numerous accolades. In 2014, the High Times Cannabis Cup proclaimed it as the best medical hybrid. Besides being touted as an excellent medical cannabis hybrid, it was also the best Sativa in the 2016 Life Expo Canada Vancouver.
Pure Power Plant is also useful against physical discomforts. For instance, it helps reduce the pains caused by different medical conditions, especially chronic illnesses.
What does it matter if it is coal, renewable, or nuclear energy? A power plant no matter how small still generates immense energy. Aptly named, Pure Power Plant does not only have a quick onset but it can be quite intense. As such, it is best avoided by beginners. At the very least, use just a small amount of herb to test it out first before gradually increasing the dosage.

Pure Power Plant is an attractive plant with green leaves. It produces light green buds with orange-colored hairs and is covered by crystals.

Coming from a lineage that is a mystery, PPP is very impressive in the medical cannabis community. Beginners and veterans can grow this strain easily.