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pros and cons of selling weed

Pros and cons of selling weed

You’re in this to make the big bucks, right?

And if you’re not one: being with co-workers who are happy should minimize workplace stress, right? It should at least make for interesting office parties.
Look, let’s not dance around this. You can call it the shallowest, dumbest, most immature reason for getting into the marijuana business, but ask yourself this: would you rather sell weed or sell mops?

While marijuana dispensary first timers will often describe the experience as like stepping into a candy-store, the business aspect of it is anything but.

Starting and running marijuana business can be a hard nut to crack. However, a quick check on marijuana business pros and cons can get you started with this golden plant.

You know all those celebrities we mentioned earlier? Almost none of them can specifically advertise your business effectively. Under the Canadian Cannabis Act: it is prohibited to promote cannabis or a cannabis accessory or any service related to cannabis . While some states in the US (where cannabis is legal) allow forms of advertisement, you’ll find they are no less restrictive. Examples : Georgia flat out prohibits it and California says that they “can only be displayed where at least 71.6% of the audience is expected to be over the age of 21 and not within 1000 feet of daycare centers, schools, playgrounds or youth centers”.
As opposed to Mr. I-Won-Awards-on-something-you-probably-didn’t-know-existed-and-was-a-guest-on-some-show-noone-watched advertising the Maxi-Mop 5000.
Until Marijuana is uniformly legalized across all 50 states, the US cannabis market will continue to be limited and unsure. Laws are still in flux and your 40 application requirements could may well be 40,000 next year.

That revenue we talked about? That’s mostly just from straight recreational and medical use. Being a new industry, there are still as-of-yet undiscovered uses for marijuana that further research and creativity will help bring out (I keep telling people HASHNEYLAND NEEDS TO HAPPEN!).

Marijuana Business Pros and Cons to consider when starting or running a marijuana business. Identify the glitch and get started.

Pros and cons of selling weed

Legalizing marijuana would increase the number of individuals who try marijuana and then, eventually , move onto harder drugs. This could put more financial pressure on the medical system and the public coffers to provide treatment for these individuals when they have serious problems.

Better funding means more individuals to handle the load. And more time means more attention paid to preventing violent crimes. Too often, both the police and the court system are overwhelmed with handling individuals brought in for simply possessing marijuana.
As more and more states move to legalize recreational and medical marijuana, the list of pros and cons grows as well. So regardless of where you stand on the issue, it’s good to know what the other side thinks.

Making medical cannabis products available would mean improved public health and less of a drain on the healthcare system. That would result in more public funds being available for roads, schools, and other public safety initiatives.
The real kicker comes if you are charged in a state where marijuana is still illegal. Not only will you be charged with the DUI, DWI, or DWAI, but you will also be charged with possession of a Schedule 1 controlled substance (a felony).
Improved quality and safety control also translates into less of a burden on the medical system. There is less of a risk of serious problems occurring due to overdoses on unknown substances hidden in the marijuana that is sold on the streets.
One of the biggest pros that have come from the legalization debate is that of increased tax revenue. To illustrate the point, legal sales of cannabis products amounted to $996 million in 2015. That’s almost a billion dollars spent!
Medical marijuana (both THC and CBD ) has been proven to treat a wide array of “untreatable” conditions including:

The only numerical measure of impairment requires a blood test (states have arbitrarily set 5 nanograms as the cutoff for blood THC levels). And even that is not an accurate measure of impairment for all individuals. Some people can be severely impaired well below that number, while others show no signs whatsoever at much higher levels.

Curious about the legalization of cannabis pros and cons? The experts at Honest Marijuana have compiled 12 of the most common arguments from both sides.