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professor chaos strain

Professor chaos strain

Need to deal with constant pain but still have the energy to get things done? PROFESSOR CHAOS can teach you a thing or two about that!

PROFESSOR CHAOS can do plenty to help you feel like you’re getting back the energy that chronic pain saps right out of you. But make a list before you use all that extra energy—we all know that professors can be a bit absent-minded, and you don’t want to waste your pain-free time starting a bunch of different jobs rather than doing the one thing you absolutely meant to get finished.
Best Way to Grow:
Top out into a 30 inch round bush early.

May Help With:
Chronic pain, narcolepsy, MS.
Recommended Growing Location:
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Harvest Time:
56-63 days
Average to heavy

There are four different phenotypes, two tall and two short. All phenos have triangular, heavily knuckled finger-shaped buds with swollen calyxes and a sour, funky haze aroma.

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