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pot power hitter

Pot power hitter
I know there’s a lot of fun and passion behind what you guys are doing. I think anyone else that hears it will sense that too AND support you by buying one for them … or for that stoner friend they know will love it too!
Cash flow was now an issue.
So, we are here today … FINALLY — asking for your support.

  1. I rolled one up.
  2. Lit it and inserted it into the inside back-end of the cap.
  3. Then, I screwed the cap back on and just covered the carb hole and squeezed.

It blasted me with a steady stream of smoke from the nozzle. MY FIRST POWER HIT!
I also believe if they knew PowerHitters™ were available again now, they would want one too! Don’t you?
As fate would have it, by the end of that concert my friend’s older brother graciously gifted me his. (pivotal life event #1)
I looked at Allen and said “Where are we going to get money for that? We need to sell the 5,000 we ordered, which are supposed to arrive December 15th”
I found 2 of them and paid over $250 a piece.
Back in the 1970’s, the legendary power hitter was the quickest, easiest and most fun way to extract maximum hits and enjoyment from a joint. We’ve taken cues from that classic design and upgraded it with modern materials to create this generation’s ultimate joint smoking experience. Hi, I’m Allen – and along with the