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positronics seeds

Positronics seeds

CBD+Critical#47 is a new version of this classic strain from Positronics, rich in CBD . It is a joint work with CBD Crew that makes it even more medicinal and body relaxing. Aready available in ALchimiaweb. This Sativa-shaped strain comes then from [. ]

Alchimia introduces the Super Cheese from Positronics Seeds, a mostly Indica hybrid that will not grow much, but will provide good harvests. We find in this strain smells and tastes from this Skunk selection who turned Cheese in such a famous genetic [. ]
Alchimia presents here Super Cheese Express from Positronics, so you can enjoy all the flavour of this famous genetics in its automatic version. The cross between Afghan Express and Super Cheese produces an autoflowering offspring that is ready to h [. ]

One of their main goals when breeding plants is creating unique flavours in each strain. They also pay attention to the effect induced and offer genetics suitable for all types of persons, either recreational users or medical marijuana patients.
One Love Haze by Positronics is already available in Alchimiaweb, a cross between two Haze plants with extraordinary THC content and unique uplifting effect. To develop One Love Haze Positronics have used their Haze#1 and Haze#9, both selected among [. ]
Positronics consolidated themselves in Amsterdam as pioneers in selective cannabis breeding. Since then and until today, they offer top grade genetics of proven quality.
Positronics Seeds were actively involved in the development and origins of the first cannabis hybrids back in the seventies. They succeeded in exporting new strains to Holland, where they finally moved to breed their strains in a more professional way. They were pioneers in developing the sinsemilla technique by using cuttings, which started a true revolution in the cannabis scene in the late seventies.
Purple Haze #1 comes from Purple Thai, Haze and an unknown hybrid. A very vigorous plant with – like Claustrum – large internodal distance. It is beautiful to see how the flowers take on purple tones ranging from violet to maroon. Given its great ve [. ]

Positronics and Alchimiaweb present here Kush Express, a cross between a selection of Kush (the same one used to develop the Gordo Master Kush) and Positronics Afghan Express. Positronics have crossed these plants to offer all the quality and flavor [. ]

Cannabis seeds from Positronics