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plush berry strain review

Plush berry strain review

Plushberry delivers a euphoric mental high. As a result, patients who are suffering from stress, depression, and anxiety could find relief from using this strain. Instead of feeling down, the mood-enhancing properties can inspire users to focus on the positives.

If one were using the balanced Plushberry phenotype, then it will have the same cerebral and behavioral effects, but it will be a little gentler. The same is true once the physical effects kick in. Used in moderation, most of the users should be able to stay productive. Of interest to some people is that the strain is known to increase libido. If that is the purpose of using cannabis, then pick this phenotype over the other one.
The Indica-dominant variant of Plushberry comes with a mild sedative-like property. As it induces full-body relaxation, it is a natural tendency for the users to feel sleepy. As such, it can be beneficial to insomniacs.

However, most people can only grow cannabis inside the house. In this case, it is best to top the plant early on to keep it short and promote more lateral growth. While many prefer using hydroponics, TGA Subcool Seeds recommend using soil as a medium to have a more flavorful bud. The indoor flowering time falls between 8 to 9 weeks. After, growers can expect up to 200 grams of harvest per square meter.
To avoid or at least lessen the severity, remember to use within the limits of the individual tolerance level.
Bred by TGA Subcool Seeds, the choice of using Black Cherry Soda as one of the parent strains was the key to the new hybrid having a delightful scent. More than how it smells, it also passed on its outstanding Sativa traits complemented well by its body high.
There are other conditions too, and they are often a result of using a tad bit too much. Some of these include mild dizziness or having a headache. At times, a few people may also feel a little paranoid.
Even when using only a moderate amount, it is possible that some adverse effects may occur. As expected, the most common ones are dry mouth and eyes.

In general, both phenotypes of Plushberry are excellent in uplifting the spirit of users. Hence, they can melt away stress much like their predecessors. Consequently, they are also quite useful as an aid for people with depression.

Plushberry from TGA Subcool Seeds boast of a wonderful aroma and induces an outstanding mind and body high. A balanced phenotype is also available.