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platinum cookies thc

Platinum cookies thc

The THC content of the strain is between 18% and 28% and the level of CBD is typically ranging from .06%-.2%. As with most high THC marijuana strains, we advise that you dip a toe before diving head first into this mind numbingly potent strain.

Platinum GSC is the essence of what a great medical strain can be. The high is euphoric and mood-elevating with lots of body relaxation and positive vibes. After trying Platinum Cookies you feel like your mind and body are floating down a lazy river of serenity. Medical patients enjoy using this strain for the anti-anxiety, relaxing and painkilling effects. Platinum Cookies makes for a better night-time stay at home kind of strain and not so much a social party strain. However, it’s definitely a great smoke to enjoy while watching a movie with friends and taking it easy on a rainy day.
Platinum Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid 60% indica to 40% sativa and the high is intense, especially for newbie smokers. Platinum Cookies matures relatively quickly at 8-10 weeks which is slightly faster than average for such a potent strain.

Platinum Cookies (AKA Platinum Scout) is a remarkable hybrid native to the San Francisco Bay Area. It is a consistently high-quality strain that delivers powerful relief and a deliciously divine taste. Platinum Cookies was once only available in clone form, but now that it is available in feminized seed form you can see for yourself what all of the hype around this popular strain is about!
The buzz begins with warm and fuzzy waves surging throughout the body. The sativa element in Platinum Cookies keeps the high from penetrating too deep into your soul and brings a nice psychoactive buzz that balances the narcotic effects of the strain.
Harvesting during the eight week of flowering will give you a more awake and alert high as opposed to waiting for the ninth or tenth week when the couch-lock amber crystals manifest.
AUD $ 49.99 – AUD $ 129.99
The flowers are sage and olive green colored with some phenotypes exhibiting lovely purple tones especially, during the final weeks of flower during the flush stage.

AUD $ 49.99 – AUD $ 129.99

Platinum Cookies strain has a wonderful aroma from smoking Platinum Cookies weed, it is a powerful, earthy and sweet with fruit and spicy notes.