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plant that smells like lemon pledge

Plant that smells like lemon pledge

This plant can be had through the traditional means, ordering, buying, etc. But it is such a garden weed if you check with your neighbors you’ll probably find someone that has more than they need and they will gladly give you a big chunk for your grden. Gardening can be a great community activity, and most gardeners are more than happy to share with you . Ask around your neighborhood before you go and buy some lemon balm. When i suggest people talk to their neighbors, or worse yet encourage them to ask their neighbors for a cutting of something they look at me in horror. Gardeners are a special lot, a union of the heart, and almost all gladly share what nature has so plentifully supplied them. Could be a way to meet some folks in your neighborhood.

As previously mentioned, lemon balm is not a plant that one grows, it is a plant that one has to control. The plant can be had at the garden center or a pinch of a mother plant can be taken from a friend at any moment in the year. The good news is that the plant will produce more than enough herb for you to use for tension headaches all year round.
Though we have confirmed what everybody knew 100 years ago about internal body cleansing, we are only starting to learn what they also knew about which plants would do the tidying. Lemon balm was one of these plants.

Now lets get into some scientific facts. It seems that teas made from lemon balm do, in fact, exhibit strong antiviral characteristics. New castles disease, mumps, herpes simplex, and vaccinia have all suffered at the hands of lemon balm. The polyphenols contained in the plant are said to be the active ingredients that, in fact, do in viruses, but who really cares what little chemical does the trick, the fact is the plant is anti-viral, and most viruses cause down time.
Lemon balm is an herb that fe americans have a relationship with. A relative of the melissa family, it has relations on evrey continent . The lemon balm is called such as its flesh has a lemion odor and when crushed smells like a lemon. The plant actually smells more of lemon pledge than fresh lemons. I prefer to call it the lemon pledge plant.
Thus lemon balm factors into a very important european and world wide allusion.
Gerard says ” being applied, doth close up wounds without any perril of inflammation”. Lemon balm was used to bandage wounds. This is now been scientifically backed up. It would seem that balsimic oils contain almost no oxygen. Bathing a wound in one of the oils, say the oil of lemon balm, starve out bacteria, creating a steril envirment. I find it fascinating that many of the things that were used in ancient medecine are being born out by medecine. One of my points has been for a long time, herbal doctors used plants because they had conclusive evidence backing up what they used. They sealed wounds with lemon balm because people healed faster when they did this and slower when they didnt. We moderns approach old herbal medecine with great misgivings and doubt and tend to forget that herbs were life and death, they used what worked.
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Chapter from “Thirty Plants That Can Save Your Life” by Dr. Douglas Schar
Chapter from “Gardening Book”

“Serapio affirmeth it to be comfortable for a moist and cold stomach, to stir up concoction, to open the stopping of the brain, and to drive away sorrow and care of the mind. ”

Lemon balm is right up there with lavender in the herbal relaxant department. A European plant, it has been used to take the edge off for hundreds if not thousands of years. And the best part? Its makes a really nice tea. In addition, it can be used to heal broken skin and is especially good with chapped lips!