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pink animal

Image Source: Wikimedia

It is also known as Mexican salamander which is very closely related to the tiger salamander. It can reach up to a size of 12 inches in the length and weight will be around 8 pounds. Looks of both male and female are similar, so we need an expert to differentiate between the gender. Along with pink, Axolotl can be seen in brown, albino, white and black. Axolotl breathes from the gills like most aquatic animals, However, they can also breathe from the skin because of the dense network of capillaries. It looks similar to Olm which has been listed as blind animals. Axolotl loves eating small fishes, mollusks, and insect larvae. The unique feature of Axolotl is that they can regenerate missing limbs, kidney, heart, and lungs. The average life of Axolotl is between 10 and 12 years. As per the International Union for the conservation of Nature, Axolotl are critically endangered species and can be only seen in Lake Xochimilco, near the Mexico City. The main reason for decreasing population is the urbanization of the Mexico City and water pollution. Also, they are used in scientific research because of their ability to regenerate limbs. Also, read about spiny animals in the world.
It is also known as Namib sand gecko. Web-Footed Gecko is native to the southwestern coast of Africa. It comes in categories of both a reptile and a carnivore. The average lifespan of Web-Footed Gecko is 5 years and can grow up to a size of 4 to 6 inches. It is strictly a nocturnal lizard which loves to spend its daytime inside its burrows and comes outside at night to feed themselves. They have an extremely big eye to detect its prey. They love to eat crickets, grasshoppers, and small spiders. Males are little smaller than females. They used special sound for communication like clicks, squeaks, and croaks. They also have an ability to move very fast on sands. Also, they have an adhesive pad on their feet’s which can help them climb efficiently. They have an average size of 10cm in length.

It is also known as Deilephila elpenor. It is most commonly seen in central Europe and can reach up to 8 cm in length. Also, it has a horn at one end. The unique olive and pink markings on the body making it one of the identifiable moths found in gardens. It is one of the most colorful moths that can mostly see in bronzy green with pink stripes. They can range in various size, but their wings span can range between 45mm and 70mm. Elephant Hawk Moth can usually be seen in gardens, wastelands and in woodland carvings. Elephant Hawk Moth can maximum grow up to 90mm. The unique feature of Elephant Hawk Moth is that they have a horn on the last segment of their body. Elephant Hawk Moth mostly survives on willowherbs bedstraws and garden fuchsias. The caterpillar of the Elephant Hawk-moth is usually brown although in some cases it can be green. It was discovered by Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist, in 1758.
Image Source: Wikimedia
It is also known as shocking pink dragon millipede because of its pink color. It can grow up to a size of 3cm.Dragon Millipede has a gland that produces poisonous hydrogen cyanide to protect themselves from predators. Due to cyanide, it smells like almonds. It is also named in top 10 new list of 2008 by the International Institute for Species Exploration. It was formally discovered in the year 2007 in a specimen collected in the Uthai Thani Province of Thailand. Also, it loves to live on leaf litter. Motyxia is the only known millipedes that are listed under bioluminescent animals.
There are numerous kinds of animals exists on planet Earth. We are still learning about animals and classifying them into various categories to get broader knowledge about them. Today we will discuss 10 pink animals on planet Earth. Pink animals also belong to the biological kingdom Animalia and they are multicellular animals that can move, consume organic material and reproduce sexually. There are many things that we can learn about biological and behaviors of various animals. Let discuss 10 pink animals on planet Earth,
This beautiful bird usually famous for its red breast is native to southeastern Australia. It is basically seen in temperate forests or tropical or subtropical moist lowland forests. It can grow up to 5.3 in length. It has a black pill and dark brown eyes and legs. The male usually was seen with a white crown and pink breast. It also has grey upperparts along with wings and tail. However, the female comes in grey-brown plumage. One of the fascinating pink animals among birds.

Roseate Skimmer is one of the beautiful aerial predators that love to eat other insects. They used to come in numerous shapes and colors. It is a pink colored dragonfly that is known for its aggressive nature. Roseate Skimmer native to the Americas. They can be seen from the United States to Brazil. Dragonfly is also listed among shortest living animals in the world. Male Roseate Skimmer has a rose pink and red abdomen. However, female Roseate Skimmer has an orange-brown abdomen along with clear orange veins. They have a brown pterostigma at the edges of the wings. Apart from this most of the wings are mostly clear. They have a wide range of habitat, but they need open water.

Pink animals also belong to the biological kingdom Animalia and they are multicellular animals that can move, consume organic material.

Pink animal

2) Pink Millipede

4) Pink Iguana
Call ’em blush, flush, rose or fuchsia – when an animal’s prime pigment is pink, the results can be strikingly beautiful… they don’t call it “shocking pink” for nothing! This proud posse of puce poseurs provides positive proof pink can be a perfectly pleasing pigment. Period.

Snake breeders have long striven to induce their reptilian subjects to express colors not normally found in nature. Take the Albino and Snow Motley Corn Snakes above… not to worry, they’re not venomous. Buyers now can choose from a wide variety of pinks and patterns to suit their needs, whatever those needs might be. (pink animal image via Mike Keeling)
9) Pink Hippo
Uakaris are monkeys… monkeys from Hell!! OK, not really, they come from isolated areas of the northwest Amazon river basin and only look like Skeletor’s pet. This bizarre-looking South American monkey has luxurious hair all over its body with the exception of its head – much like your average middle-aged human male from Joisey. (pink animal image via Kevin O’Connell)
10) Pink Elephant
1) Pink Starfish

7) Pink-Faced Uakari

Call 'em blush, flush, rose or fuchsia – when an animal’s prime pigment is pink, the results can be strikingly beautiful… they don’t call it 'shocking pink' for nothing!